Nisemonogatari Episodes #01 – #07

Welcome to Moegatari, where Araragi’s life is like a dating sim…

Let’s find some of his harem shall we?

Let’s first visit Hachiku- Ah, forget it! You already saw her “imaginary” panties on my previous post!

Then, how about Sengoku-chan… I mean, you saved her last time!

Although her position is a bit too much risky for Araragi-kun… If you know what I mean! What’s next?

Oh, how about we visit Kanbaru-san! I think it will be fun when Araragi talks to her…

Uh, I’ll think he’ll pass this one and instead visit Senjougahara. I mean…

She might kill Kanbaru is Araragi was stolen by her! We can’t anger the “Tsundere” girl, wouldn’t it?

But what the heck, we’re not here for finding his harem… We’re here for Nisemonogatari, where we focus on….

…Karen-chan and Tsukihi-chan. Better known as the Fire Sisters! Of course, this post will only focus on Karen-chan.

Ahem, and we have to skip Hanekawa… I know she has big boobs but I miss her long braided hair!

But I think having Shinobu as a wildcard is very… interesting! Enough about that, let’s talk about serious things.

Just ask Deishuu Kaiki, who happened to be the main culprit of both Hitagi…

…and currently Karen Araragi! That’s right, he cursed them and take their money.

No wonder Kaiki is a con artist. Oh yeah, and the reason why the chapter is called “Karen Bee”

It’s because Karen was cursed by a “wreathe-fire bee” that gives her a fever that has a feeling of being burned in the sun.

Of course, nobody can stop Karen from beating everyone including Araragi-kun!

BTW, although she still has the fever, half of it was “sucked” by Koyomi-oniichan.

And speaking of Karen, looks like Senjougahara can’t take it anymore and decided to finish Kaiki off! But…

…he decided to leave town because there’s no point of being confronted by the current Senjougahara. And also, the “wreathe-fire bee” fever is just a bunch of lies. Totally disappointed!

No fighting, Araragi being sidelined, and Kaiki walks away as he pleases… *facepalm*

But hey, at least Araragi-kun is very lucky today. He might just have sex with Senjougahara tonight!

Although it’s a question of whether they did as well as Hitagi’s virginity.

Alas, everything is back to normal. Karen is healthy once again and she’s ready to kick some ass again!

But next episode, with 4 episodes to go, it’s time to conclude Nisemonogatari when Tsukihi Araragi becomes the main focus for the next arc!

PS: My Fire Sister can’t be into yuri!

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  1. Anise_Punter says:

    Things I liked about this arc:
    Kaiki: He seemed like an intriguing fellow; I’m hoping he comes back to bug everyone some more. I don’t mean that literally.

    Nadeko: The word I’m looking for starts and ends with an “H” and has about 22 Ns and Gs in the middle of it.

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