Black ★ Rock Shooter TV Episode #04

C’mon, Yuu… If you have Strength, please tell it to the viewers!

So anyway, Kohata is a-okay after her collapse from last week’s episode. Although she might not play basketball for the time being because of her injury…

And it got worse when she can’t remember her confession to this guy! Damn, is this what you wanted Black Gold Saw? Letting their other selves and their memories be killed by Black Rock Shooter?

Speaking of Kohata, looks like Kagari is now engaging to the outside world as a high school student. Way to go!

Unfortunately there’s a tradeback for this one. She maybe engaging with other people, but Kagari is distancing herself from Yomi…

Which is why Yomi is becoming more psychotic and lonely at the same time. And now we can witness that Dead Master…

Is far more dangerous than ever! Looks like you need to help her, Mato… Although she might not remember you after your Black Rock Shooter defeat Dead Master.

But anyways, it’s now the halfway point for this series! It’s gonna be twists and turns as Black Rock Shooter slays everyone at the alternative world.

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  1. meelybug says:

    There’s a anime series now ( ̄□ ̄;)! I’m so behind TT^TT!

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