Symphogear Episode #08

Well Tsubasa Kazanari, you need a nice warm rest before returning to the battlefield! I mean, you’re starting to have a conversation with Hibiki Tachibana.

But on the other side, looks like Miku Kohinata has found a girl who once tried to kill her as well as Hibiki…

So anyways, Miku Kohinata ditched school and decided to nurse Chris Yukine back to health.

Although she was once a threat towards mankind by summoning Noise and fighting against Hibiki and Tsubasa, it seems that she’s rebelling against Finé after being thrown away.

Still, I wish she could just atone her sins and join the fight together with the ZweiWing. Of course, being grown up as a slave makes it very difficult to be befriended by Hibiki Tachibana.

Of course, if Hibiki can’t do it, then how about Genjuro Kazanari. He can Brightslap Chris after he saves her from Noise attacks!

But then again, Chris don’t need sympathy coming from Genjuro after making a wall by stomping on the ground! Boo…

Meanwhile, Hibiki finds Miku in a dangerous place! Although she’s weak and has no powers, Miku decided to fight…

…by becoming the bait. Please don’t do it, Miku Kohinata!

But you know what, Hibiki Tachibana will just don her Symphogear armor and kick some ass!

That’s right Hibiki! Destroy that Noise…

…and rescue Miku once again, because that’s what best friends are for!

And so, Miku forgives Hibiki and they become friends again. Well, that’s good news!

As for Chris Yukine, I think she goes alone again. Man, I wish Hibiki can save you from the trauma that you endured by Finé.

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    sums thing up

    chris is now going face also seem genjuro might know about chris & yea WOW really pulling the piece of road got wonder is he over 9000?!

    yep the hibiki-miku les-yuri sis-mance sis-code is back together now.

    ok then we got wonder what next?

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