Mouretsu Pirates Episode #08

And this is the stowaway from last episode that was identified today as a royal personality…

Without further ado, this is Princess Gruier Serenity! This royal figure wants to meet the captain of the Bentenmaru, but it was later found out that the previous captain have died and thus Marika Kato takes the role as the current captain.

Enough for the formalities, Princess Gruier is here for a request to the Bentenmaru about finding a golden ghost ship. Of course, being a stowaway means that the Bentenmaru is at risk as the Serenity Space Force is on a mission to find the princess and return safely back home. Definitely not good for Marika’s crew!

Ah what the heck to some dangers of execution, I think I have a hunch that Princess Gruier might join the crew just like Princess Ahim de Famille from Gokaiger. But for now, I think Princess Gruier will experience her first battle next episode!

And BTW, her hairstyle looks similar to Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon. Except that her hair has more braids in it!

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