Mirai Nikki Episode #20

Murmur, you don’t have your segment anymore and you’re planning something which involving…

…the combination of Eleventh’s and Eighth’s diary?

On this episode, Minene and Nishijima will be the main focus as they try to stop John Balks’ supercomputer named “HOLON III” which contains Kamado’s Server Diary files that can make everyone a diary holder within Sakurami City.

Oh, and before they confront Eleventh, there is one thing you must know (if you already finished reading the manga)…

…that Eleventh is the creator of all 12 Future Diaries, and his “The Watcher” Diary can peek in every diary and use it as an advantage. Although there is a weakness to his diary when he receives false information.

That’s why John’s assistant has a Secretary Diary that records information on every diary! Yup, there’s no way they could destroy the servers.

And that’s why Minene got her hand amputated because of a claymore blast, and Nishijima lost his life protecting her!

So much for the proposal, marriage, and starting a family…

But thanks to Minene, Yukiteru and Yuno have finally sneaked in without a hitch!

However, time is running out as Deus is deteriorating while Murmur will take her victory…

Oh, and if you have time Yukkii, please save your friends on the next episode!

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1 Response to Mirai Nikki Episode #20


    look like now indeed this is turning to what best way to say yea all or nothing now.

    mayor 11th going to shoot yet yuki save “yuno” why yuno is yuno so yea yuki still want yuno.
    few days later 9th get info from Nishijima on mayor 11th.
    reveal mayor 11th want make city full of diary owners with 8th server (cue brain bleach for 8th service) but spread on super comp.
    9th try to make go boom but denied on run yet rescue by Nishijima.
    who want 9th to get married, sword the cake, & a baby yea 9th reaction total pink shock.
    9th try to blow place again but capture with flashback with her bread.
    once again Nishijima to rescue kaboom server.
    but part of it got in yea now people got dairy owner.
    mur mur & deus watching looking at it goes give deus know mur mur is up to something.
    9th & Nishijima got help from aru by sending in those 3 with own jobber batch of dairy.
    yet notice two more super comp (at least it not Venjix) so wonder to do.
    9th let her mr & mrs. squirrel go to safety give misses already “on the way” & Nishijima still want 9th.
    next day after scope 9th figure out mayor 11th dairy.
    9th meet deus give quick gut buster for 9th.
    then reveal deus & 11th we’re also mix before give include making of all the dairy.
    so 9th idea spread random blah to distract 11th.
    it work but 11th had another back-up plan.
    during with 9th lose a hand, those 3 got caught, & Nishijima too give he shield himself for 9th.
    yet just who came in yuki & yuno during yuno go crazy gun shots.
    & yea another plan let go used 11th people as plan.

    ok yea now i guess we’re so going more mu ha ha ha.

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