Amagami SS+ Episode #09

Let’s see on this episode… Jouji Nakata as the narrator: Check!

Sae Nakata as a bear: Che- Oh shit! DOUBLE CHECK!!!

So anyway, here’s the continuation of Sae-chan’s story arc! As you can see, Sae chan is not shy to anyone and she’s confident to speak to any people she encountered.

Oh yes, and she become the most popular student in Kibitou High… Second only to “Lovely” Haruka Morishima, as stated by Miya-chan!

Yeah, you can thank the Best Couple contest during the Founder’s Festival way back in Season 1.

Of course, there is still some doubt on Junichi-kun towards Sae-chan and vice versa. Sure, she’s now popular with every boy in the campus and then Junichi being the eyesore to every Sae admirer he encountered!

But in the end, it’s very clear that Sae-chan will stay with Junichi-sempai forever. All doubts are cleared and resolved!

Now all that is left… is the Founder’s Festival on the next episode!

Oh, and while you look deeply at Sae’s “glamorous body”, please note that she’ll be the committee president of the Founder’s Festival. Well, that’s TRIPLE CHECK on that “glamorous body”!

Instructor Junichi, make sure that she can manage it smoothly!

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