Mouretsu Pirates Episode #09

ARRGGG, you want to be a pirate!? Then let’s make it showy, Princess Gruier Serenity!

As you can see, Princess Gruier orders the Serenity Fleet to back down their advance on the Bentenmaru… as a pirate!

Oh, and if they don’t back down… the fleet will face treason as a princess!

And also, Yotof the butler and Catherine the maid from the Corback ship are here to give the princess a change of clothes instead of escorting her to safety.

Not only she has a change of clothes, but Princess Gruier has the information about the golden ghost ship that will be given to Captain Marika Kato.

Yeah, very handy on finding that ghost ship instead on pure guesswork!

But unfortunately, Marika has to get past to her now-tsundere friend Chiaki-chan because she has the same mission!

Yes, even her greeting to Princess Gruier is becoming a big deal to Chiaki… Oh boy!

And not only Chiaki-chan, but Jenny Dolittle and the Yacht Club welcomed her with open arms…

…and made her as a member of the Yacht Club. Wow, that’s gonna bring new life on their club!

Anyways, next episode will follow the Bentenmaru on finding the golden ghost ship from Serenity…

…right after they eat their dinner that is. Keep the wine away from minors!

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    huh is now slowly turning to be like gokaiger?

    come give i’m been on HMM waiting for expy/shout-out of gokaiger on it really give already wait for dub version.

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