Nisemonogatari Episode #09

And now Karen-chan wants to see Kanbaru-sempai…

BTW, no cherry-popping for you Kanbaru!

But first, you have to carry your Koyomi-oniichan! Of course, I’m thinking that Araragi-kun might add this one into his portfolio of fetishes along with that “oral insertion” from last week’s episode.

But hey, at least Karen finally met Kanbaru-sempai! However, it’s a bit awkward on their first meeting…

And also, I miss Karen’s ponytail after she cut it!

On the other hand, we got two new character appeared on this episode and it seems that they’re finding a place called Eikou Cram School.

Oh, and about Eikou Cram School… I learned on this episode that it’s Meme Oshino’s hang-out before departing to another town.

Although, I have a hunch that Tsukihi will be involved on these two characters…

But anyway, let’s end this post with a sweet finger nibble by Hachikuji.

That’s right, you’re full of win Araragi-kun! Now can we get to the plot now?

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