Symphogear Episode #09

Wakey wakey Tsubasa-san, I know that you want to be with Kanade Amou, but you have to get up because you have some unfinished business to do!

That’s better, now go and make friends with Hibiki Tachibana and Miku Kohinata!

Meanwhile, Commander Genjuro Kazanari is here to take Chris Yukine into his crew so that they can take good care of her.

Oh, and he offered her some food but that won’t solve her problems…

…because she doesn’t need any help from the likes of Genjuro and the rest of the Symphogear users!

Hey Chris, at least give thanks to Genjuro you loner bitch!

On the other side, it’s a date for the three girls like going to the arcade and stuff. How nice!

Of course, Tsubasa has to take a lower profile. But at least Miku and Hibiki can take care of this one!

Oh, and their final stop is a karaoke bar. Which means…

…Tsubasa Kazanari will sing to her heart’s content with a sweet enka song!

Thank goodness that Nana Mizuki took some enka performing lessons before hitting it big in 2004!

And yes, even Miku and Hibiki are amazed at her performance! Sadly, they didn’t get their time to sing…

But at least Tsubasa-san got her spirits up!

And the best thing to express her rebirth is at the concert stage!

Oh, and while Tsubasa Kazanari is at the concert…

There’s some Noise who’ll ruin her party, but Chris Yukine is there to take care of it!

Of course, it’s not enough to destroy a Noise Army by herself…

That’s until Hibiki Tachibana arrives at the scene! Yeah Chris, be grateful that she’s helping you…

…even though she’s capable of destroying an army by herself! But thanks for the help anyway, Chris Yukine!

So yeah, Tsubasa Kazanari is back in action in both the battlefield and in the music business!

Of course, she might have a time to move on to the international stage…

As for Chris Yukine, she’s still suffering and the revelation of her parents being killed adds more fuel to her misery!

Man, would you please surrender to Genjuro Kazanari and the Second Branch?

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    looking at it yea breather relax ep

    give some hmm like yea genjuro & chris give genjuro did some digging on chris’ past & etc want to help give chris want to do it alone even more give sure help hibiki but still confuse what to do yea wonder what would chris would do next?

    also give hmm on ryoko sure bit lmao punch-kick tsukasa’s glasses guy give mention some love story give some “hmm” like she got a “secret” or “something”.

    etc yea rest relax, fun, & good times with doing from clothes, arcade, singing & etc wtih tsukasa doing a concert & want sing for everyone.

    so yea breather ep so next one going be big WHAT?

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