Daily Lives of High School Boys Episode #09

“Hello guys, this is my boyfriend!”

And that said boyfriend have no idea of having a relationship with that Tanaka girl.

And as a rule, nobody will have a relationship with the opposite sex on this show!

And speaking of Tanaka, it seems that Hidenori will have a fateful encounter…

…with a dropkick called “Tiro Finale”! Oh, and that name is made up. Dammit, Madoka Magica!

Anyway, that girl on the left is Emi who is voiced by Kaori Mizuhashi. Now that’s how it explains on that Tiro Finale drop kick.

Oh, and that guy on the right? That’s Kiyohiko, a generic childhood friend of Emi.

So yeah, Hidenori spends his summer vacation with his two new friends…

…but when Hidenori’s times are almost up, it seems that Emi has no choice but to confess her love for Hidenori.

Unfortunately, the confession is now rejected because both of them are cousins.

So that’s an Epic Fail for Emi-chan!

That’s right, nobody will have a relationship with the opposite sex on this show… as a rule!

Oh, and before we go on the main event… This is a reminder that you must not look on high school girls’ panties.

You’ll be disappointed that they’re wearing boring designs of pantsu and not frilly ones!

Yup, this is how Motoharu learned the hard way! Oh, and what about the main event?

This is the Main Event! It’s between the Archdemon…

…and a group of nine boys (“Rubber Shooter” and Toshiyuki included) and Yanagin in a fight to the death!!!

However, the battle ended in a draw. But that’s okay because they finally suppressed Habara’s demonic bully aura after the fight!

Then again, it seems that she can’t get over on what Habara has done to those kids back then. A very painful memory, indeed!

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  1. Anise_Punter says:

    Why would anyone want Ringo’s panties, that just had disaster written all over it.

    Hilarious disaster, but disaster nevertheless.

    The joshikousei skits never stop being funny.

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