Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai! Episode #09

Summer is over, and now these two girls are returning to their respective schools for the second term.

Oh, and it’s gonna be hectic too!

So anyway, Miu-chan is getting problematic with her new pace in life at school. From waking up early to rushing in to train station on time! Heck, she even let her shoes being stepped on and tarnished by some random guy at the train.

At this rate, Miu might throw in the gauntlet before it even started!

Not until Nimura came to the rescue! He’s not here to cheer Miu up, but Nimura is here to play Cinderella with her… as a couple!

Let’s start the game with a few things like…

Watching sea creatures at an aquarium like a couple!

Eating omelet like a couple!

Taking pictures at the booth like a couple!

And Nimura letting Miu’s shoes fixed at a shop… like a couple!

Well that sums up her Cinderella act. At least Nimura wasn’t caught by Chris Hansen!

Anyway, Miu is now happy again thanks to Nimura-kun! Of course, Sako-sempai is sulking somewhere because he didn’t appear on this episode.

Still, there are three episodes remaining on this series so there might have a chance to explain how the girls’ parents disappeared or something. Oh yeah, and don’t try to post spoilers okay… Let’s wait and see!

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