Black ★ Rock Shooter TV Episode #06

Uh-oh, looks like Black Rock Shooter has gone insane…

And not only that, Mato is trapped too in Black Rock Shooter’s body. Oh God No!!!

On the other hand, it seems that Saya-sensei has gone from a magnificent bastard into a panicking baroness with nothing to think of another plan!

Hell, even Yuu can’t think of saving Mato. Ugh, this can’t be good! What will Saya do, convince Mato of stopping Insane Black Rock Shooter?

Well, Saya tried that to Mato/Insane Black Rock Shooter, but to no avail! Looks like Saya will be “dead” on this episode…

But don’t worry, Strength is here to stop Insane Black Rock Shooter! But I think that punch won’t knock it down for good.

Maybe next episode might show up again… that Insane Black Rock Shooter!

Speaking of the Insane Black Rock Shooter, it is revealed that Saya met Yuu in the past and awakened Saya’s Black Gold Saw thanks to Yuu.

Oh yeah, and at that time, it seems that Yuu has some problems too that shuts herself to the outside world and take all the pain. Yup, this anime has gone insane!

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