Kill Me Baby Episode #10

Hello guys, it’s “Kill Me Baby” time!!!

But this episode is not just ordinary, it’s downright chilly!!!

So yeah, it’s winter season in Kill Me Baby. Although Spring is coming to our doorsteps in real life, I guess there’s nothing wrong with a little fun in the snow!

Oh, and that snowball Sonya-chan was holding? She made it by compacting a large snowball into a small, hard ice ball. Now that’s gonna hurt!

And BTW, it seems that Yasuna can catch cold too… Not surprising, but she’s still an idiot!

Anyway, let’s end this episode with a Santa Sonya-chan…

…and a present made by Yasuna. Please cherish it, Sonya-chan!

Of course, she wouldn’t bother giving a crap out of it.

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1 Response to Kill Me Baby Episode #10


    so give this we got snowy ep with yasuna the snowman, sonya make snow knives, & shiny snow ball rock.

    catching cold, remote control (yea did part show giant robo-yasuna with sonya does it remind of giant robo series yea even wear same suit

    christmas party with ninja as the christmas pumpkin with cash or treats yet how appear in in from walking door to table yea either really she is a ninja or magician?

    oh santa sonya claus either go boom or shotgun but yasuna wandering on it yet she get present a yasuna head doll.

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