Sora no Otoshimono the Movie: Tokeijikake no Angeloid

It’s great to be back on watching Sora no Otoshimono… And this time, it’s a 90-minute movie!

Good show, AIC! Now if only you can release that Strike Witches film on DVD next year… But anyway, let’s do a summary and commentary to the movie!

WARNING: Contains lots and lots of pics, and I might drag this long on the summary!

Anyway, this movie is all about Hiyori Kazane… A normal girl who loves to grow vegetables at Sorami City’s neighborhood farm.

Well, that’s a bit plain even though she’s voiced by Youko… Hikasa? Hmm, her voice sounds different to her other roles like Mio Akiyama, Shino Amakusa, and other tall characters.

Also, Hiyori has a crush on Tomo-chan. Wow, even that pervert has a stalker follower at hand! Damn you!

Anyway, the early parts of the movie takes place during Season 1 so no Astraea for the time being until much later…

Oh, and Hiyori is inserted during those hijinks made by Tomo-chan. Remember those “flying pantsu” from Season 1? I know you remember that!

And what about Season 2 called Forte? Well, this movie is already covered too!

Yup, even when there’s a snowball fight…

…Hiyori is there too! Of course she was there off-screen during Forte (except for Ep. 5, me thinks), but I guess the producers want to present Hiyori to us on the silver screen. (and Blu-Ray DVDs)

Oh yeah, I forgot about Astraea… What a cute chomper she was even being fed by Hiyori!

But anyways, on to the main part of the show… It seems that Hiyori would join the New World Discovery Club so that she could be with Tomoki Sakurai.

And yes, President Sugata-kun accepted her as a member. Now that was fast!

Of course, there’s Tomo-chan who doesn’t like the way the club operates from now on…

So he just gonna test Hiyori about innocence and purity!

But he can’t do it all the way… Bad Tomoki-kun!!!

Of course, he’ll get a sermon from the club… all about innocence and purity!

*gulp* Good luck, Tomo-chan!

But unfortunately, I think Hiyori won’t leave Tomo-chan alone. I mean, she likes that pervert!

So anyway, Hiyori spends her time with the club…

And hell, she even got the time to confess her feelings for Tomo-chan… in front of the girls!

But of course, he can’t believe that Hiyori wants to be his girlfriend. Man, snap it out!!!

On the other hand, it seems that Sugata-kun has some doubts on Hiyori-chan… regarding that if she’s that Angeloid from the opening of this film.

Oh, and I don’t think Chaos won’t have some lines because she’s sleeping right now!

Unfortunately, Sugata is right about his hunch! Hiyori is really an Angeloid…

…while the real Hiyori is already dead way before this movie has started! God, why did this happen?

What about the memories that the gang spent with Hiyori? Will it be erased just that!?

Of course, everything was erased. But not for Tomoki-kun…

He still remembers Hiyori. Not a good idea when his body is on the line!

Unfortunately, she’s not here for a happy reunion…

…she’s here to destroy the city that she loved so much, all thanks to that Master of the Sky! Damn that bastard from Synapse!

In that’s the case, I guess Nymph has no choice but to destroy Hiyori with her Paradise Song.

Then again, there’s Tomoki who will save Hiyori without violence…

But then again, Tomo-chan might be a goner if he goes closer to Hiyori. Might as well leave them to the Angeloids!

That’s right, they’ll just gonna strike that clock on her back! That will stop Hiyori from destroying everything…

Uh, she’s still standing! Dammit, the city is doomed!!!

Oh no, please don’t try to sacrifice yourself Ikaros. Your master won’t allow that!

Hurry, Tomo-chan! Don’t let Ikaros die…

…and put Hiyori’s hair decs back to where it belong!

There there… Hiyori is back to normal! But unfortunately, their reunion will be short-lived.

So Hiyori, make your first and last kiss to Tomoki…

…and say goodbye to him and his Angeloids! No, say it ain’t so!!!

And the next thing I saw, Hiyori disappeared from the space-time continuum…

DAMMIT, WHY DID SHE HAVE TO DIE!!!! *cries heavily*

And so everyone is crying… losing a sweet girl like Hiyori Kazane. No wonder fans want to see her so badly!!!

Anyway, this is what the fans waiting to see… A Hiyori-centric film that has 50% flashback from Seasons 1 and 2, and 50% on the plot full of drama, action and lots of crying at the end!

Although I enjoy the movie and reliving the scenes from the TV Series like the “flying pantsu” and the epic snowball fight, I think it’s very short in fact some of the scenes were reused from both seasons with added scenes of Hiyori Kazane.

But good thing those scenes added some backstory of why Hiyori loved Tomoki at first sight. Nice touch there, but cut some minutes next time!

Despite of this, I think this movie shines especially when the second half kicks in!

Although I suggest that AIC should make it as an OVA instead, but it might not have the same quality as this movie as well as green-lighting another season.

Bottomline, this movie is enjoyable but it needs to shorten up the flashback a bit!

Speaking of third season, I think we might see Hiyori once again… But we can’t tell if she returned for real and will be joining for Season 3!

Dammit, AIC… Show us already if Hiyori is back!!!

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