Symphogear Episode #10

If you know this guy from Episode 5, you’ll probably know that…

…Ryouko Sakurai is actually Finé. Fuck, I knew it!

Of course, she’s no longer is cahoots with the United States because Finé is doing her thing now!

After Ryouko Sakurai walks away with some injuries at hand, Chris Yukine and Genjuro Kazanari plus his merry men entered the scene…

…only to be trapped with bombs at the ceiling. Damn you, Ryouko/Finé!

But hey, Genjuro’s badassery saved himself, his men, and Chris from harm. Good job Commander Kazanari!

There there Chris, cry all you want but don’t forget to say “thank you!” to Genjuro Kazanari!

Meanwhile, the Noise are heading towards Tokyo Sky Tree Tower.

And I have a hunch that it’s something to do with Kadingir, which Finé mentioned it back in Episode 7.

So anyway, it’s time for Hibiki and Tsubasa-san to stop them…

And what’s this, Chris is gonna join in the fight too? Awesome!

I guess Hibiki Tachibana is happy that Chris Yukine will join the fight as comrades.

However, Chris has gone tsundere at this point. But who cares about that stuff ’cause with the power of friendship, anything is fuckin’ possible!!!

So yeah, Hibiki and Tsubasa do their fighting on the ground…

…while Chris charge up and execute “Megadeth Quartet” attack on those flying Noises!

Yeah, that would keep them away from the Tokyo Sky Tree Tower! I don’t want to have a “Too Soon” moment on this episode!

So anyway, everything is a-okay in Tokyo thanks to these three Symphogear users, but something has gone wrong over Hibiki’s school! God, is this a decoy!?

I guess I have to find out next episode if Miku Kohinata is okay along with the students. Damn you Finé!

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1 Response to Symphogear Episode #10


    ok then looking so far yea indeed slowly soon yea indeed cat out of the bag by next eps?

    ryoko in fine’s mansion got attack by engrish speaker commandos (we’re they taking english speaking from Fran Drescher?) & ryoko sorta heal self & bye-bye commandos.
    hibiki & miku all relax wonder to do while chris arrive mansion see all commandos got “whacked”.
    here genjuro then “i love you sayonara” bomb but defeat genjuro’s kung fu also calm relax hug chris to trust genjuro.
    emergency meeting everyone on call gvie ryoko is on “speakers” (due to shot blast) during which to figure here come air noise attack.
    hibiki & tsubasa gett out number til chris arrive soem quick argue & hibiki calm them.
    here come v3 chris missile attack & all safe
    til bad news call from miku that school is on attack.

    yea next eps indeed cat out of the bag.

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