Mirai Nikki Episode #21

And now we’re back in the game after a one-week break! Although they wanted to take a break for another week due to yesterday’s anniversary of the March 11 disaster, but I think it’s unnecessary…

And the fact that they have a late schedule of broadcasting Mirai Nikki means that this 26 episode anime will end in April, which is very bad with Spring coming up.

Oh, and I don’t know if Kamado just got away safely thanks to Akise-kun… We’ll find out later!

So anyway, it’s up to Yukiteru, Yuno, and Minene to destroy HOLON on the Quad Towers and kill Mayor John Balks!

But unfortunately, Minene doesn’t give a fuck on helping Yukkii since he let Nishijima die at the end of Ep. 20.

And the fact that her parents were killed in a war zone justifies her means to kill Yukiteru instead of defeating Eleventh.

Then again, Yukkii has no other choice but to kill Minene in cold blood!

What’s this, Minene can still stand up?

And hell, she got a bomb on her hand?! Wow, that’s surprising. Even Eleventh is shocked to see that!

So anyway, Minene decided to let her death clock run out and destroy the vault door when her heart stop beating! But hey, Minene said “good bye!” to this cruel world and she’s now with her parents and Nishijima in heaven.

Good show Minene but…

It failed to destroy the door. Looks like Minene’s sacrifice is in vain!

Dammit, Eleventh!!!

But don’t worry, Yuno will do anything for Yukkii…

She’ll just sneak inside the vault…

…and kill Eleventh with a headshot. I don’t know when did she get an eyeball from the real Yuno Gasai since the current Yuno is a fake and only the Gasai family and John Balks can access the vault, but this is very anti-climatic!

But hey, at least it’s down to just three players left in the game.

Although I don’t know how they escape, but Yukkii is so lucky to have a boob grab on Yuno!

Oh yeah, and what about Kamado-san…

Well she was saved by Akise-kun along with his friends but unfortunately… The end of the world begins earlier as expected instead of July 28!

Oh, and Akise-kun (thanks to Kamado-san for the transport) takes a visit to Deus’ throne to shut Murmur up!

That’s right, your ambition has come to an end. Thank you, Deus!

But unfortunately, you don’t have enough time to see the winner of this game.

Anyway, three players still vying for the throne… and there’s no much time left!

Of course there’s a possibility that Yuno might win this game, but Deus is confident that Yukkii will win and become the God of the world… unless he could break Kamado and Yuno down with his magnificent bastardry.

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3 Responses to Mirai Nikki Episode #21


    indeed the end is near cause now mirai nikki armageddon

    we see yuno slashing people give her & yuki plan to get 11th also free those 3 & give 9th still hmm cause yuki doing this casuse yuki want his parents back.
    give 9th said if yuki fail 9th going get shoot ya.
    meanwhile those 3 still hostage till kosada big mouth oops but yuno slash to the rescue.
    11th lock himself in safe sure got door no.1 ok but door no.2 nope yea 9th hunting yuki.
    during with 9th mention her past life from lost parents, grab for bread, etc cause what yuki doing remind of herself.
    11th watching give seeing only people can open door no.2 is 11th & gasai family give certain that yuno is a “fake”.
    while yuko going after big 8th block by akise then stop see yuki in trouble.
    while 9th on search hear noise it yuki phone who to pull trigger?
    9th look like going til see her younger self then 9th got shot.
    yuki cried then wonder how to get 11th.
    but wait 9th still hanging just got one more bomb left & it’s heart bomber.
    9th lock herself in vault to blast it all to open path for yuki.
    then 9th ready smash her phone to blow it all up see her younger self & her parents.
    while younger saying thanks & 9th really want be saved so she go as a human.
    boom nothing happen here yuno telling yuki smash 11th’s venjix computer.
    while 11th relax door no.2 open cue OH NO it’s yuno cue head shot goes 11th.
    yuki smash blast computer see yuno blast 11th days later yuki’s hand on yuno’s soft.
    while akise, big 8th, & others wonder next give let yuki win give don’t trust yuno.
    then black orb appear while yuki writing names that we’re “bye” plan also bring back.
    more black orb appear cue mirai nikki armageddon.
    mur mur see deus more weaker then here big 8th & akise.
    mur mur tried to attack caught by deus with akise ask will everything be normal when game is done.

    indeed now we’re in the end is near cause now mirai nikki armageddon.

  2. Musha Slater says:

    The story is reaching the climax. I’m so thrilled in knowing what will happen next. I haven’t read the end to the manga yet. This episode is as far as the manga I read. Can’t wait for next week.

  3. Zammael says:

    I suspect Yuno Gasai is the real Yuno, regardless of Akise Aru’s findings, because he never checked out HER DNA in the first place.

    Another twist is coming, and this episode just confirmed my suspicions which had been initialized during the first 20 seconds of Episode 1 and snowballed over the recent episodes.

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