Daily Lives of High School Boys Episode #10

Oh, hello Tadakuni! It’s been a long time seeing you again. Although I don’t know what episode you’ve appeared last time, but it seems that they want to demote you to an extra just like Akari of Yuruyuri!

On the other hand, it seems that the Literature Girl is getting more appearances as of late. (and opening up for Hidenori)

Oh, and before we go to the next episode… Here’s a character focus on Motoharu, where he not only learned how to ride a bike…

…but he can cook like a chef!

Yeah, take that Motoharu’s sister! You’re just jelly on his cooking skills and-

Uh, I think he still a weaksauce when it comes to fighting. Eldest sibling is the law!

Anyway, let’s leave Toshiyuki-kun performing a Kinniku Buster on Yanagin. Even though he has scars from his fights against the Archdemon Habara, at least Toshiyuki can still fight!

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  1. Anise_Punter says:

    Watching Literature girl snap again was hilarious.

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