Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai! Episode #10

And so, Sora-chan decided to quit her membership at the Choir Club in order to take care of her sisters.

Unfortunately, even Sora has problems at home… especially cooking!

But if you have problems, you might wanna try asking Raika-san for advice…

…Oh, and she’ll cheer you up with a hug! This is why Sora-chan got hugged by Raika-san. No go and make some jelly!

On the other hand, Atarashi-san decided to quit as a seiyuu because she doesn’t have any roles at this point.

Wait a minute, I see a pattern here on this episode… Two girls quitting their dreams because of their circumstances.

But in the end, they’ve learned something on this episode: How to never give up!

Yup, that’s why Sora-chan decided to return to the choir club…

As well as Atarashi-san, who got another seiyuu job. Good for you two!

Anyway, looks like all is well that ends well in PapaKiki! Now, can we go to the plot now to see if the girls’ parents are really dead?

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1 Response to Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai! Episode #10


    so sora ep this week

    give so much to do for sora from school, choir, grade, cooking, etc indeed stress kick in.
    so left the choir & bad cooking.
    more oh no va lady got no work as well give her characters got “future endeavors” go drunk.
    days later sora bit hmm so go laundry meet va lady.
    some talk give like doing va works & etc.
    sora on eggs then get call raika on cooking so sora go relax & etc.
    then sora goes hmm but here come raika to help sora even asking give raika a hug.
    now looking bit ok a bit then sora & yuuta some talk.
    after all that sora is back so back in choir club & va lady got another role too due to sora talk & make good eggs cooking.

    all is good now next ep hmm like something going to happen?

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