Amagami SS+ Episode #11

And now we’re on to the last story arc on Amagami SS Plus, which is the “Lovely” Haruka Morishima arc!

Although they’re technically lovers…

It seems that Junichi is having some problems on making a proposal to Haruka-sempai, for which she expects to hear it!

Also, I would like to introduce to Haruka’s cousin: Jessica “Sexy” Morishima!

And if you look at her, she’s a DEAD RINGER to “Lovely” Haruka-sempai! Although she’s not here to annoy the couple, Jessica is here for a sightseeing and telling Junichi to make haste on proposing Haruka.

But don’t worry, Haruka is not gonna dump Junichi easily… (Stupid Kaoru!) I mean, Haruka already told Junichi that she’ll be with him forever!

Of course it’s just a matter of time because on the next episode… It’s up to Junichi on making his move to close the knot on Haruka-sempai. So anyway, good luck chap!

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