Kill Me Baby Episode #11

So, do you want Mochi Baby…

…or Zombie Baby? You decide!

But what the heck, I’ll stick to Kill Me Baby!

But if you don’t like the usual antics of Yasuna and Sonya, how about Magical Girl Milky Baby!

I guess anything is possible, if Yasuna makes a contract with Kyubey! /人◕‿‿◕人\ But will work when she faces…

…that “unused character” who always loses the spotlight in previous episodes!?

Hmm, it seems that Yasuna is gonna lose to that “unused character”! Revenge, perhaps?

Yup, I knew it! But it’s just a dream… So much for the contract, Kyubey!

But at least the “unused character” got what she wanted. Too bad that is all just a dream, so she still stuck as an extra… until the last episode.

Then again, she might not appear at all!

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1 Response to Kill Me Baby Episode #11


    so give mochi eating mix hammer

    & who thought pull a gallagher’s hammer splat on ninja just ninja so many spare bodies?!

    killtaro with whole island of yasuna to zombie baby to yasuna zombie give charge if going whack vampire & thinking to poof like vampire for day light.

    kites of killer sonya kite & magical yasuna & hey unused characters got some used on it at least more showing that akarin.

    & oh magic do exist “carrot max forward miracle” poof sonya for ninja & sonya on locker.

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