Black ★ Rock Shooter TV Episode #07

This is now the penultimate episode of Black ★ Rock Shooter: The TV Series!

And just to let you know that Yuu Koutari is actually STR/Strength! Fuckin’ knew it!

Anyway, Yuu decided to go to the other world and save Mato-chan.

Of course, if you want to stop Insane Black Rock Shooter, Yuu has to convince Mato to stop it…

…which is very hard for that lass to get a hold of her other self!

Unfortunately, it got worse from there…

…when Yuu/Strength gone insane due to her prolonged period at the other world. But it’s not the case of her being batshit crazy, it’s just that SHE’S FUCKIN’ CRAZY AS YUU because of her time being abused and thrown like a broken bird!

And that’s before the series starts… Oh God no!!!

But here’s the worse part… Not only Yuu saved Strength and give her feelings, but traded places so that Strength (as Yuu) can experience the pain and suffering at the real world.

It’s totally fucked up at this point, and boy I’m even more confused that I can’t explain it further!

But of course, there’s still hope as Yomi reconstructs her memories spent with Mato-chan during the early episodes of this series.

And not only her memories are reawakened…

…but Dead Master too, who is revived from the dead after her defeat from Episode 5!

I don’t know what the last episode would look like, but please look forward to watch the finale next week. It might surprise us in the end!

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