Symphogear Episode #11

And now we’re at Lydian Academy, ravaged by the Noise…

…and led by Finé. Oh please, someone save Miku Kohinata from turning into dust!

Good thing there’s Commander Genjuro Kazanari to fight that bitch off of his turf! It turns out, Lydian Academy is part of the Mobile Disaster Response Corps Division 2.

See, he can punch the gut out of Finé. Such a badass commander!

Unfortunately, Genjuro’s seconds of fame were short-lived. So much for that badass commander!

Then again, he was lucky that Genjuro got some scratches and a one-pint loss of blood.

Although he’s needed some immediate medical attention!

Meanwhile, the three girls are gonna confront Finé once and for all! Oh, and before the fight will begin, there’s a reason why Finé existed.

It turns out that she returned to the real world 12 years ago, taking over Ryouko Sakurai’s body and fulfilling her grand plan of world domination…

…by turning the underground into a tower called Kadingir. Combined with the sword Durandal, Finé will use Kadingir as a massive ion cannon to destroy the moon and kill God at the same time!

Wow, we’re talking about the creation of the Babel Tower here and that final episode of the Tower of Druaga anime, where the tower was created to destroy the gods whereas in the original game, it was made to grab the Blue Crystal Rod.

Still, there’s enough time to stop Finé and destroy the tower itself as the three Symphogear users fight against Finé.

While Hibiki Tachibana and Tsubasa Kazanari will do their routine of beating that bitch down…

Chris Yukine launches her Megadeth Missile not at Finé, nor her precious Kadingir tower…

Rather, Chris Yukine is gonna ride her missile towards space! Now if only Gentaro Kisaragi from Kamen Rider Fourze would join in to save the moon…

Then again, Chris Yukine will handle this as she become Wing Gundam Zero…

…pluse Turn A Gundam and Gundam DX combined! Unfortunately, that’s her swan song and using it will cost her life!

Anyways, Chris gambled her life to lower the ion beam’s power output…

…so it can just crack one part of the moon’s surface.

Well, so much for those Gundam reference but at least the ion beam didn’t pierce the moon!

Unfortunately, the battle against Finé continues! With Chris Yukine knocked-out cold, nobody would stop another ion cannon fire when it recharges on the next episode or two…

God, we need a miracle!

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1 Response to Symphogear Episode #11


    oh boy when i saw cat out of the bag yea really so much quote travis touchdown “i’m going to need SHOCK treatment to get over this one!”

    so fine launch full attack on school while miku trying to get everyone to safety.
    here noise oh Tsubasa’s sidekick just arrive to rescue miku.
    get to elevator here come fine & shooting the doobi oh no bad idea.
    here genjuro vs fine genjuro doing well til ryoko voice appear in fine’s mouth.
    ow on genjuro’s guts but he ok & all comp are down.
    hibiki, tsubasa, & chris arrive see ryoko but she is also fine.
    to reveal it all FINE IS SPLIT PERSONALITY/SPIRIT THAT HAS CONTROL POSSESSED ryoko like over long time 12yrs ago.
    & reason she free due to tsubasa’s singing on ancient stuff (so yea blame on it tsubasa).
    yet main plan is bring tower to appear as a cannon to BLOW UP THE MOON!!!
    so yea all 3 vs fine while other watch.
    cannon on ready to fire & yet chris went all the way aka swan’s song.
    stop the blast, save the moon give small piece was hit, & going down.

    oh boy got wonder hmm 50/50 for if chris to survive give recall tsubasa survive her swan song?

    & yea hibiki look like going to snap.

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