Mirai Nikki Episode #22

Well it’s time to spit it out on how to return back to normal, Deus! Unfortunately…

He has to take out Akise-kun, because he’s an Observer made by master itself! Why are you such a cockblocker, Deus?

Good thing Akise has a plan, which involves Eighth’s Diary… And yes, he has a real diary even though it’s an apprentice one!

Yeah, suck on that Deus!!! Now that it’s all set…

…it’s time for Akise-kun to stop Yuno and her plans…

…all while Yukkii’s friends are trying to convince the now-broken lad to snap out of it and stop killing Eighth.

Unfortunately, neither Hinata nor Mao-chan can’t stop him…

And also Kousaka-kun., even though he give Yukkii a nice punch before biting the dust!

Oh look, it’s Akise-kun… And he’s about to tell Yukiteru that Yuno will stab you and left to die!

And you’re not convinced Yukkii…

He’s here to kiss you, because Akise loves you~! Yup, Yuno is fuckin’ pissed now!!!

So here we go… En garde~!

Yes, Akise got the kill!

NOOO, it was a fake!!! So much for your love on Yukiteru…

Still, how come Yuno has two diaries?! I mean, she was fake to begin with but how come she can access the vault from last week’s episode?

And wait, the other Yukiteru Diary is supposed to say Yukkii instead of Amano-kun. Wait, don’t tell me…

…that Murmur is involved in this game instead of being an observer!? Dammit, no fuckin’ way!!!

And so, Yukiteru and Yuno are left in the game with Yuno killed Eighth. Now the only thing left now is who will become the next God and who will shape the future.

Oh wait, Akise is still standing…

But yet again, Yuno decapitated that poor Akise-kun… So much for the message!

Then again, he finally delivered the message before falling down like a corpse.

Oh please Yukkii, choose the right thing and become the God instead of Yuno!

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1 Response to Mirai Nikki Episode #22


    oh my look like mirai nikki armageddon has either make everyone going crazy, shock, looney, shion’s laughing crazy, etc yep or even yet cabin fever from Muppet Treasure Island?!

    after getting answer answer from deus akise try to escape but grab by deus.
    to reveal akise is observer created by deus & now be sliced to pieces.
    but manage pull last second save with help to get himself apprentice diary to save yuki.
    yuki & yuno running so get big 8th yet here akise telling yuki something.
    but yuno the blocker pull knife yet akise ok then tazer then safe again.
    cause now read all moves yet to change future then yuno tell yuki get big 8th.
    yuki see hinata telling yuki the truth from akise that you can’t bring back the dead people.
    hearing that yuki has got BSOD while akise got yuno yea yuno stab self for WHAT?!
    yuki wondering what hinata said while aru trying call yuki then out of no where.
    yuno just pulled the biggest Wounded Gazelle Gambit ever on yuki.
    so yea yuki now shot hinata, then mao, & kousada.
    yuno still hurt seeing to do next got another hidden ace.
    akise arrive trying reason with yuki here yuno then akise pull “all or nothing” on yuki.
    akise vs yuno with akise smash phone but nothing happen then got neck yuno cut.
    akise wondering how can this be from two yuno, two phone, etc going must be hmm…
    yuki ask yuno give she said it’s a fake?
    then yuki still wondering after last saying of big 8th yuno finish it.
    akise seeing two of everything that “it’s must be?”.
    deus all in pieces with murmur all “happy” ha ha.
    akise in pain going to tell yuki still neck cut then yuno stab show yuki the “message”.

    ok now yea the end is near now wonder what next?

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