Mouretsu Pirates Episode #11

After fighting through the storm, the Bentenmaru has finally made contact with the golden ghost ship!

I guess this is quick sailing, right?

Not quite when they’re dealing with the Serenity Fleet. Not only they’re ready to destroy Bentenmaru at any time…

…they have Princess Grunhilde Serenity leading the charge! Something that Princess Gruier would not wanted to see.

Oh, and just to let you know, looks like Ika Musume has become Princess Gruier’s little sister. (Technically, she becomes the 8th Princess of the Royal Serenity Family)

But there’s no time to chit-chat over some royal family problems, they’re here for the big golden prize!

Oh please, don’t watch the golden ghost ship in awe… Act quickly before the Serenity Fleet goes first!

And so, Kane maneuvered the Bentenmaru quickly towards the ghost ship…

…and docked safely without any major damage! Well, so much for the quick sailing.

But hey, at least Princess Gruier got what she wanted. Of course, it’s just the matter of time because…

…the golden ghost ship is making a trip to subspace. Even though the ghost ship doesn’t have FTL Warping capabilities, it can create a field that simulates a storm which is why the Bentenmaru is having a hard time approaching the ship.

And another note before we go to the next episode, Queen Serendipity is referred to two ships that appeared on this episode. One is the golden ghost ship, the other is Princess Grunhilde’s flagship. Now you know!

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