Another Episode #11

So it seems that Teshigawara killed Kazami by pushing him to the balcony. Of course, it was an accident but…

…can you explain this one if this is also an accident? Color me impressed but it’s not!

Readers, this episode is now the tipping point of Another. Everyone will die and there’s no escape from overkill!

Teshigawara and Mochizuki, why don’t you tell everyone to escape because of the fire! But Instead of telling everyone, they decide to run from their lives…

And now, all of them has their eyes on killing Mei Misaki! Man, you should kept that tape to yourselves Teshigawara and Mochizuki. But no, you spread it like wildfire thanks to Takako!

So yeah, “it’s kill or be killed” with everyone gunning for Misaki’s life. But thanks to Kouichi-kun, I think they can escape in one piece.

Not so much for the hunters who have paranoia and other mental and emotional instabilities.

Oh, and the fire is spreading too…

Yup, you should have evacuate the building when there’s a fire instead of killing Misaki!

There’s no need to explain further as the curse kicks into high gear.

Of course, the question still remains… If either Kouichi or Misaki is the “dead” person, then who is the real “dead” person? Could it be the guy who got the asthma attack, or someone else?

Anyway, next episode will determine who will live and who will die! But in the worse case scenario, nobody will survive in the end if the rest house is completely burned up…

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