Nisemonogatari Episode #11

All right, let’s settle this the hard way. It’s Koyomi and Shinobu…

…against Kagenui-san and Yotsugi. And hell, it’s gonna be a close fight to the finish!

Unfortunately, it’s not gonna be a close fight… More like slaughter to me when Koyomi is facing Kagenui-san!

And what about the fight between Shinobu and Yotsugi?

Wow, it’s more like Shinobu is bi-winning!!!

So I guess there would be a final round between Shinobu and Kagenui, huh? Or rather, a two-on-one battle would be nice!

Then again, I think Shinobu doesn’t want to fight anymore…

…and so is Kagenui-san. Wait, so that’s it? No Koyomi comeback-from-behind victory nor Shinobu kicking Kagenui’s ass?!

Dammit SHAFT, this ending is disappointing!!!

So the bottom line for Nisemonogatari is… Even though there’s more fanservice included, I think the conclusion of both Karen Bee and Tsukihi Phoenix is both lackluster and boring!

Although there’s Kizumonogatari coming up, I think Mr. Shinbo should focus on the plot for the movie. Man, I felt that Bakemonogatari is better than Nisemonogatari! Oh well, time to play for the waiting game…

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