Kill Me Baby Episode #12

Time for the penultimate episode where Sonya tries to assassinate Pyonsuke like Duke Tougou does on every mission.

Then again…

It was all just a dream! Please don’t try to make a dream sequence gone horribly wrong, Yasuna… You already did that last week!

Oh look, it’s Sonya-chan already sleeping at the street due to lack of sleep!

Still, she can fend off any attacks even though Sonya is catching some “ZZZzzz…” at any place.

But who cares, Yasuna can do what she want since Sonya was sleeping by drawing…

…her face? *gulp* I think I’ll just walk away with this one!

So anyway, Yasuna was grappled, scribbled…

…and received an uppercut by your not-so-friendly neighborhood assassin Sonya-chan! Yup, their antics will never get old.

Still, there’s the last episode next week! And while these two will be here on the finale, I hope Agiri and that “unused character” would make an appearance for one final time!

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1 Response to Kill Me Baby Episode #12


    so give this week poor Pyonsuke 2 for shot by sonya & Pyonsuke 3 get hug of splat by sonya.

    sleeping sonya, trying make sonya nice & calm nope, chiropractor sonya ugh bad idea, & valentine hmm 3 coins for yasuna.

    yet no ninja in this eps just reduced to cameo shots as a doctor ninja?

    at least ninja appear more than akarin of kill me baby.

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