Highschool DxD Episodes #08 – #12

This is Riser Phenex, a douchebag demon who can control fire and has a harem of women (Not to mention his voice too, which sounds like a jerkass too if you know his credentials)!

He’s also Rias’ fiance, which troubles Issei-kun (and myself) even more. But anyway, let’s find out how will the remaining episodes played out!

Oh and because this post is very serious with swearing and stuff, there’s only a few ecchi scenes on it!

Anyways, Issei Hyoudou is so pissed at Riser Phenex for molesting Rias as if he’s very close to her, and not to mention fondling boobies in front of Issei. That bastard!

So with that said, Rias Gremory challenged that bastard in a Rating Game to break off the engagement. Of course, given that Issei is currently weak, he needs to train his ass off!

And thus, he began his training to not only understand the roles of Evil Pieces, but to make sure that he has a fighting chance against Riser.

Oh yeah, and he develop his lewd technique called “Dress Break” in which he tested it on poor Asia’s clothes. C’mon, Riser has 15 girls in his team so it’s useful!

In any case, Issei-kun used his new technique onto Riser’s peerage with much success and all of the girls are struggling to cover themselves!

Well, I’m sure that all of girls are scared at Issei now that his Dress Break is super-effective…

…except for Riser in which Dress Break won’t work on guys for obvious. Thus, Riser stomped Issei-kun until Rias surrendered.

Yup, so much for his training!

In any case, the Rating Game has ended in favor of Riser and Rias agrees to marry that bastard to save Issei’s life. No wonder Riser is such an asshole!

Of course, being beaten once doesn’t faze Issei as he went to the Gremory territory to crash the party! By the way, who granted him access to the underworld via the backdoor?

Why it was none other than Rias’ older brother Sirzechs Gremory, who calls himself as Sirzechs Lucifer! Oh, and Sirzechs have Grayfia Lucifuge at his side.

By the way, where’s Satan? I mean, both Satan and Lucifer are treated as equal! Just kidding, it turns out that Sirzechs is given the title of Satan in which is equivalent of being the demon lord.

But anyways, let’s try to punch Koya- I mean Riser with Issei’s grand power of his Sacred Gear!

By making a contract with the Red Heavenly Dragon Ddraig, his power levels are OVER 9000 as Issei activated his trump card: The Scale Mail!

Of course, nobody can beat the Phoenix in a serious match. So let’s get it on!

As you can see, Issei’s powers is evenly matched against Riser… just for ten seconds!

And afterwards, it fizzled out which is problematic when Rias Gremory’s virginity is on the line. Ugh, this is basically bad end now!

But wait, did Issei is holding one of Asia’s holy water just now? I mean, devils are allergic to holy water, so how come?

Oh, I forgot to tell you that he sacrificed his arm to achieve what is called Balance Breaker.

With that said, Issei’s evolved Boosted Gear is immune to anything from crosses to water. And now, he’s gonna spray Riser to the face!

Yeah, take that you motherfucker ’cause you deserved it for your douchebaggery! You not only harass Rias-sempai…

…but you made her cry, which is why Issei Hyoudou punched you in the gut!

Really, your engagement with Rias-sempai would secure a future of high-class devils like you? Issei doesn’t give a fuck!

Well everyone, it’s all over… IT’S ALL OVER!!!

And the winner is… ISSEI HYOUDOU!!!

Now go and take the girl because this engagement party is officially crashed!

C’mon Issei-kun, you deserved it for saving the girl you loved the most!

Oh, and you may thank Sirzechs Lucifer for helping Issei on crashing the party.

As one of the Satans in the underworld, it seems that he’s disappointed of how Riser acted like a douchebag to everyone, including Rias Gremory and her merry soldiers of the Occult Research Club.

And now, let’s give the winner a kiss of a lifetime because this series ends here… unless there would be a second season in the works and it’s waiting to be announced, which I’ll be stuck hearing Koyasu’s sexy voice while watching it for the serious plot that far broader than this anime series. Hell, I think they’re up to Volume 11 as we speak…

Still, it’s a good series to watch and I’m surprised that beyond seeing boobies, there’s actually an exciting plot. But anyways, that will be it for Highschool DxD and I’m glad that this series ends on a happy note!

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7 Responses to Highschool DxD Episodes #08 – #12

  1. Hyack says:

    Good review about ep12


    hurray we can rejoice now all is safe & well.

    yes best wedding crasher yea issei now rias’ virginity said in front of everyone YES.

    oh rias’ brother is there pulled make wedding crash so we get issei vs raiser.

    yet here it goes issei yea pulled I AM IRON MAN mode yet what a brawl give oh raiser does got a weakness the holy cross but 10 count too late.

    always count on back-up combine with holy water ha ha ha raiser’s face is all messed-up & gut punch down goes the d-(bleep) raiser.

    yep all good ride the griffen with rias get the kiss, risa moving to issei’s house & get her to smile all is well in issei’s world.

    now got wonder expect s2 & funi i know you got it license so waiting for hear your dub on it.

    yea so issei is IRON MAN so make raiser a loki yea sure raiser may got an army but issei got a HULK aka dragon armor mode.

    ha ha yep all well got the kiss & get the girl to smile http://tenka.seiha.org/images3/dxd12/92.jpg

  3. Morgan Davis says:

    Who is Koyasu might I ask? And this series, I have no words to describe it. It was awesome and sexy put into one! (I’m a 13yr old girl btw :3)

    • benigmatica says:

      He’s the guy who is the most prolific voice actor to date… and he’ll not stop until he gets more roles. He’s a bit more on quantity than quality in my opinion.

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