Symphogear Episode #12

With Chris Yukine already turned to ash (or is it?), there’s no hope on saving the world and everyone.

And yes, Hibiki Tachibana is suffering like Madoka Kaname…

And since she’s angry of losing Chris, it seems that there will be a point of no return…

…something that Finé planned this to happen! Yeah, she’s enjoying it!

So even without Durandal in her hand, Hibiki is no match for Finé by pure brutal strength alone.

C’mon, Finé is equipped with the Nehushtan Armor!

Since Hibiki is out of control, she attacks Tsubasa Kazanari. Oh please Hibiki, don’t try to kill Tsubasa-san!

But who cares, Tsubasa-san can cool Hibiki down with a hug.

Well Hibiki, you’ll already suffered enough. Just stay there and let Tsubasa take care of the rest!

And there she is, becoming the phoenix that will pierce the Tower of Kadingir!

Yeah, take that Finé and your freaking tower. You’ll never speak God again and have sex with Him! Wow, that was awkward!

Of course, Tsubasa Kazanari turned into white ash after dive-bombing towards the tower, which lowers the chance of beating Finé to a measly 25 percent. Nice job sacrificing your life, Tsubasa-san!

And there you have it as the tower is destroy, but Hibiki’s will to fight have crumbled and turned into a lifeless shell!

Will salvation bring to Hibiki? Someone call Goddess Madoka!

Unless these girls can help her out along with Miku Kohinata, since this is an anime after all. Yeah, you don’t say!

So there they are, trying to help Hibiki Tachibana the best that they can do by flipping the switch…

…for the main communications system to go online. And how to reach Hibiki?

By the power of song, dammit! Well, this is a singing anime after all…

And so, Hibiki listens to their song from below and gather some strength and will to fight Finé!

Yup, even Finé can’t believe it that a measly school anthem sung by Miku Kohinata and the students at Lydian Academy can bring Hibiki to stand up again.

Anyway, next episode will be the real final battle against Finé with Hibiki Tachibana back in action…

…together with Tsubasa Kazanari and Chris Yukine as they returned from the brink of death. Hell yeah, they’re back to fight again!

And now I present you Goddess Hibiki, the girl that was once a Valkyrie becomes the symbol of salvation to us all!

Yup, I can’t wait for the finale next week!

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1 Response to Symphogear Episode #12


    oh great look like i guess terms anyone who is not named kanade is still ok.

    after seeing chris fall down hibiki going HULK mode going full attack.
    fine using asgard shield (great mix thor terms on it) to block but got sliced then hibiki go after tsubasa.
    oh fine can regenerate herself after getting cut in upper-half.
    tsubasa let hibiki hit her to trap her go all or nothing on fine.
    with quick talk to kanade go nuke whole tower & down goes tsubasa.
    after tower goes down fine going no while hibiki just gone shock-stun NO!!!
    miku, genjuro & rest wonder to do oh little girl that hibiki save ask to cheer for hibiki?
    so need get place power back on so to power room.
    fine talking about “him” hibiki look like pity fine but fine don’t want.
    power room door is small one of those 3 girls small person do it cause it’s anime doing.
    more anime talks doing form the human pyramid & hit the switch.
    fine looking to finish shock-stun hibiki then choir of songs appear.
    after hearing it hibiki is back & ta-da so is both chris & tsubasa there all ok.
    going now super Symphogear mode.

    finale ep next wonder what might happen give if recall “you know what”.

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