Another Episode #12

No matter what this series will end, all of the will bite the dust!

Yes, Kazami too will bite the dust… No exceptions!

But how about Akazawa? Will she survive too…

…and make a double kill on Kouichi and Mei?

Nah, I beg to differ…

…for Akazawa was crucified by a bunch of glass shards. This is definitely not the best way to die!

Still, most of the students including Teshigawara and Mochizuki are safely retreated from the burning building.

And like I told you from the beginning, Kazami will not survive.

But who is the dead extra anyway? Who is… the “another”?

Of course I’m worried about her safety but I want to know the answer…

Well, only Mei can answer that!

And there she is, the extra character in the form of… Ms. Reiko Mikami?

Wait, how come she was the extra character?!

It turns out, Reiko Mikami was already dead a year and a half ago when she was stabbed by an unknown killer…

…and fell off to the river drowning in the process. That stupid assailant, it’s so cruel!

But anyway Kouichi, it’s time to choose…

Are you gonna save your beloved aunt or kill her to save the lives of many souls at Yomiyama?

Guess what? If you choose the latter, then congratulate yourself because you stopped the curse and the killing has been halted. Even though you got a slight heart attack (or lung attack) afterwards, at least your pacification is all worth it!

Otherwise, you’re a stupid bastard for saving Ms. Reiko Mikami!

And so the curse of Yomiyama has subsided… Of course it might return once Kouichi and Mei are graduated, but for now it’s all’s well that end’s well!

Although Kouichi and Mei still remembers Reiko Mikami just like Mr. Matsunaga did back then, they might end up not remembering at all…

…just like those survivors who passed the ordeal of pacifying the curse even if things went horribly wrong.

Yes, and I’m talking about Mochizuki and Teshigawara spreading Mr. Matsunaga’s confession to everybody that gone batshit insane and started acting like crazy zombies hunting for Misaki’s blood!

You may thank P.A. Works for this adaptation because they did a great job of fitting all the chapters into a 12-episode anime even though there are slight changes to this adaption, like how Kazami and Akazawa portrayed (and died) during the course of events that unfold in Another.

But despite the circumstances, at least Another ends in a bittersweet note… until the curse returns in Yomiyama that is!

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  1. Exerena says:

    I like how you summarized the story, needed to know who and why was reiko killed from the first place

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