Daily Lives of High School Boys Episode #12

“High School Girls are Funky: The Movie”? Me Gusta!

But then again, Sunrise will just shelved this one because of K-On! The Movie.

But anyways, this is the final episode where all of the boys will graduate…

Yes, these guys will become college kids in the future. There’s no doubt that they will leave a legacy behind!

Oh look, it’s Ringo-chan and the nameless Student Council President!

And surprisingly, they’re classmates at the same college.

But who cares what those boys may think, they still treat the President just the way it is!

Oh look, a real Gun-Zaku given to Mitsuo as a present! I guess there’s no hard feelings…

Also, there Yoshitake reliving his “Rubber Shooter” days…

…while Hidenori is gonna date the Literature Girl.

But anyway, it seems that this is the end of an era for Daily Lives of High School Boys!

And yes, this includes Tadakuni too who managed to score a girl on their first meeting…

…but it turns out to be Nago-sempai beautified by the power of plastic surgery?

Wait, what the ‘eff on this final episode!?

Then again, it’s all just a freakin’ dream! So much for the tearjerking drama…

But anyways, Daily Lives of High School Boys is finally over!

Well, I’m pretty much enjoyed the show. And I’m glad that Tadakuni wasn’t singled out on this episode!

Now if only Sunrise can make another season of Danshiko…

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