Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai! Episode #12

Hina-chan… There is something that Sora-neetan wanted to tell you that mommy and daddy will not come back!


Yup, Sora finally said to Hina-chan that their parents will not come back and see Hina’s performance at Parents’ Day!

Even Miu is crying because Yuri and Shingo are already dead… or is it? But we’ll never know!

Although both Aunt Yoshiko and Uncle Nobuyoshi finally accepts Yuuta’s role as the acting father to the three girls, it seems that only problem he has to face…

…is how to make Hina-chan happy again? Wow, that’s gonna be a tough cookie!

Then, how about making Raika-san her mommy…

…and so were these guys. They want to be Hina’s daddy!

Yup, that will cheer her good! Good job, Yuuta!

So anyway, all is well that ends well in PapaKiki!

Good thing Aunt Yoshiko and Uncle Nobuyoshi were here to watch Hina sing…

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star~! How I wonder what you are~!

Uh, I’ll pretend that I’m the one singing in an obnoxious voice instead of Hina-chan doing it along with the other kids.

Even though I didn’t find a clue whether Yuri and Shingo are actually dead, but what counts is how Yuuta cared so much on the three girls!

Still, there is some more materials for another season. But for now, this is the happy end for PapaKiki!

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1 Response to Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai! Episode #12


    well this one series really quite really worth my watching it.

    indeed time to tell hina about the parents & well drama emotion crying come in on it.
    sora on swing here nimura to check on sora give also mention of yuuta & raika.
    walking on rain 3 sisters with hina look ok give miu mention hina promise bunny that hina won’t cry anymore.
    sora still hmm on letter seeing yuuta heading out so follow yuuta on cemetery.
    with sora assume yuuta might but relax yuuta want all 3 to stay.
    oh here aunt & glasses famliy member here to say yuuta & 3 sisters can stay together.
    yet the aunt said it “atonement” from 15yrs ago after all ok.
    some walk then talking mention yuuta’s sister leading back yuuta’s parents days.
    when yuuta’s sister arrive as mother-father-brother-grandfather-grandmother & sister.
    after recalling that yuuta got idea while hina is drawing something.
    yuuta & sora enter Street Observation Research Society when yuuta mention raika saying & that i’m their father.
    raika said the hat is correct so next one yuuta ask raika to be wife?! yea the hat said yes.
    parents day for hina with hina bit might be sad but here yuuta with raika-wife, sora, miu & everyone for hina.
    more twinkle star (indeed it’s like arc words) after parents day done all ok.
    now for cake give yuuta got lock-out like fred flintstone with doing wilma-saying on CAKE!!!
    all wrap up & now moving back to 3 sisters house.

    oh my indeed really give this is truly those must-watch anime to watch yea if even pull a s2 squee myself for it & hey pull a raika’s spin-off series (of course i know there those who want it) & yet i know if also get english dub thank you very much indeed.

    overall this is really worth it to watch.

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