Amagami SS+ Episode #13

After conquering various heroines on this series, we’re now at the final episode of Amagami SS Plus where Miya-chan will be the main focus on this episode!

Oh, and as for you Junichi… Please stay out of this episode! You already hooked up all six heroines on this series.

Anyway, this is a hot springs episode where all the girls have fun and relax their bodies! Oh, and not only Miya will be there…

…but also Sae-chan and Ai-chan! Man, can we go now to the hot springs already?

There’s also Hibiki, Jessica, and Haruka joining in! Dammit, I wish I was there…

Anyway, on to the main event as they prepare to dip their bodies to the bathtub!

Uh, Ai-chan… Your body is fine so there’s no need to bust up!

Also, we got Kanae-san and Rihocchi… still worrying about her weight!

And finally, Queen Tsukasa and “Sexhair” Kaoru finishing up the lineup for this episode.

Of course, they have some problems with having medium-sized boobs…

…comparing to the seniors and Sae-chan who have the bigger racks than the rest!

Good thing Hibiki borrowed Sae-chan so that Ai-chan’s breasts can grow… Good luck, Ai-chan!

Yeah, big boobies are prohibited on this bathtub! Only flatchested and medium-sized chests are allowed!

Oh right, I forgot about Stalker Risa-chan and that… girl who is Kaoru’s friend? Man, I don’t know her name!

BTW, if only AIC can make another arc for Risa-chan.

Anyway, that would be it for Amagami SS Plus. It was a great ride watching this from beginning to end!

Speaking of these two waiting to be passed out due to overheat, am I forgetting something?

Oh right, I forgot about Takahashi-sensei! I bet she’ll pass out soon…

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