Kill Me Baby Episode #13

You know that time it is? It’s time to roll this show with a crackling bang!

No, not some C4s… But party poppers because it’s Sonya’s birthday, even though she doesn’t give a fuck about her birthday!

But who cares, let’s get this party started by opening up the presents and stacking it up!

Then again, it was all planned by Agiri-san! Man, I wish she was a magician instead of a ninja!

Oh, and don’t forget to blow off the candle before getting those gifts Sonya-chan!

Anyway, let’s get it on with the presents starting with Agiri-san’s ninja costume!

Wow, Sonya-chan look like a ninja wannab-

Okay, I’ll take that back! You win, Sonya-chan!

And what’s this, Ms. Unused Character wants to join the party?! Well unfortunately…

…she came too late. Yeah, so much for your audacious appearance!

Finally, before we close this show… Let’s do a mini-drama where Yasuna was stuck on a hole and she needs Sonya badly because Yasuna is lonely without her.

Yeah, look at those puppy eyes… She is serious!

But not to worry, Sonya-chan saved Yasuna from being stuck forever. As expected from the tsundere assassin!

Anyway, that’s a wrap on Kill Me Baby! I’m glad that I’ve finished watching it from beginning to end!

I’ll miss you Yasuna, Sonya-chan, Agiri-san… and don’t forget that “unused character” being demoted to extra as always!

Yup, it’s the end of this comedy show from Houbunsha and JC Staff! I hope they make another season…

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1 Response to Kill Me Baby Episode #13


    so what had in the finale

    yasuna doing cops & handcuffs with yasuna got cuffs, sonya got cuffs, both got cuffs, & yasuna cuff to tree.

    oh ninja moving on stream water.

    birthday doing three box match it order ta-da it’s the ninja, blow the candles or boom, , ninja ate all the cake, helium yasuna & ninja, sonya the ninja, & now yasuna’s birthday give 3 boxes again but hmm “you don’t want to know”.

    oh akarin of kill me baby got helium as well (recall saw potemayo kugi having helium voice).

    yasuna keep follow sonya fall on hole bring sonya along then on knees sonya jumps out look like leaving yasuna but came back to get yasuna out of the hole.

    while hole got unused akarin & more ninja on stream.

    overall ok series.

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