Mirai Nikki Episode #24

Hey guys, it’s time for the final battle between Yukkii and Yuno! But unfortunately…

Yukkii will lose this battle, making Yuno the God of the world once again!

Yup, so much for having sex with Yuno! Looks like this game will be played all over again.


Somebody saved First in the nick of time! Wait, isn’t that…

…Ms. Minene who supposed to be killed inside the vault? Man, I think Deus is hatching another plan to screw us again!

Still, Yuno is planning to kill Yukkii because Murmur said so that the the cycle will repeat all over again on the next timeline!

And that’s why Yukkii and Minene traveled to the third world…

…and save the third world Yuno from harm! Yeah, I guess they made it…

…in time for Yuno’s arrival!

Although she’s too late to kill the third Yuno, Yuno decides to make a proposition.

In exchange for Yukkii’s parents, he must surrender the third Yuno or he’ll never see his parents again.

Oh boy, not a psychological attack again on the now-fragile Yukiteru after his first time sex from last week’s episode. Gee, Yuno’s is a psycho yandere bitch!

But good thing Minene is at his side to take Yukkii and the third Yuno to safety.

If he doesn’t have Minene, Yukkii will face a DEAD END on this episode. (which ends Mirai Nikki after 24 episode)

Still, we have two episodes to go before the grand finale.

Now the only problem is how to punch Yukkii to his senses, save the third Yuno, and stop the second Yuno and Murmur’s plans of repeating the cycle!

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2 Responses to Mirai Nikki Episode #24


    great scott if doc brown, doctor who, & den-o crew saw this yea so what they did time stuff & go like uh onore decade on it?

    flashbacks of yuno started with dead mom, bunny, & 1st yuno axe the 2nd yuno with murmur siding helping 1st yuno.
    now after seeing of yuki still what to do can’t kill yuno.
    yea yuno plan do it again on next world cue calling yuno “insane” see ya next fall.
    yuki falling look like yuno win but yuki climbing to save yuno but fall again.
    suprise our 9th bomber is back with new arm save yuki.
    murmur black balls & missile attack but nothing happen there ok.
    so now another time leap to 3rd world.
    yuki & 9th arrive in 3rd world ask how 9th is ok yea deus doing especially give some deus power to 9th.
    cause deus know murmur’s plans so want 9th to stop them have game all safe.
    now in 3rd world in 2yrs in the past seeing yuno will go after 3rd yuno so save yuno no.3.
    meanwhile 3rd yuno in cage with mom so upset ever more left her in cage & go.
    brief cameo of 3rd world’s 6th-tsubaki & 11th-mayor give 11th all ready show dairy to 3rd deus with 3rd deus notice something.
    yuki & 9th arrive in gasai house give 9th saying don’t change past see 3rd yuno so much pain.
    yea yuki you has to alter the timelines & boom here yuno & murmur.
    make more uh-oh they got 3rd world? yuki’s parents in the ball.
    so 9th & yuki retreat for now with 9th asking what do you want yuno, 3rd yuno, parents, etc?!

    mur-mur extra on doing phone chat with yuno’s mom with mur-mur listen all yuno’s mom probs yea 5 times cause mur-mur only listen to probs yea indeed.

    oh man so much yea i’m so going like what next?

  2. Zammael says:

    Ah yes, the Yukiteru problem. For a character who seemingly acquired a personality change has backslid to his original character traits, and at the cost of the show.

    Perhaps, had Yukiteru demonstrated the slightest capacity for self-awareness and grown up a bit, the creator wouldn’t resort to Minene as a savior to maintain Yukiteru’s invulnerable Plot Armor?

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