Symphogear Episode #13

Hey Finé, I hope your body is ready because it’s time for the final throwdown!

Yup, Finé is ready and also her Noise pets too!

NOTE: This post has more pics than the norm, please stay away from this post if you’re using dial-up!

Anyway, the real final battle starts with a clean-up operation…

That’s right, these Symphogear users will sweep them down with their weapons…

…and make an explosion because they have no other choice but to clean house!

And look at them, the Symphogear users are still kicking! Anything else you want to throw at them, Finé?

Well, it seems that Finé decides to kill herself because she lost the game.

Then again, I think I’ve changed my mind. Not only Finé transforms into this abomination…

…but her power levels are DIVIDED BY ZERO! I don’t want to use OVER 9000 since it’s already OVER 9000!

But who kidding, Chris Yukine and Tsubasa Kazanari can break her barrier and destroy the core!

Oh, and let’s not forget Hibiki Tachibana as she grabs Durandal. You absolutely need it, Hibiki!

Of course, she’s trying to control herself since Durandal has immense power in her hands.

Hell, even Tsubasa and Chris are struggling to assist her out!

Luckily for her, Hibiki has support to control its power!

Yup, there she goes… Thank you Miku and friends for giving Hibiki the strength to wield Durandal completely!

Finé, you’re already fucked up because…

…you’ll LISTEN TO THEIR SONG with “Synchrogazer”!

Yup, I guess Finé won’t survive that! Thank you Nana Mizuki for this wonderful song!

But unfortunately, it seems that decided to let Finé live and atone for her sins. That’s great, nothing like a villain making a redemption!

Then again, she’ll carry her mission to destroy humankind…

…by dragging a big chunk of the moon towards Earth. Man, we’re doomed now!

And what’s worse, Finé will return no matter how many times she died as long as she finds a host to take over!

This is very, very much a downer ending for this show!

But don’t worry though as Hibiki will punch the heck out of Finé as well as her ego if she returns!

Of course, if she can survive her final flight towards space…

…something that Miku Kohinata worried so much that Hibiki might not come back.

I guess this is inevitable ever since the first episode was aired!

Oh, and it’s not only just Hibiki sacrifice herself to destroy a chunk of a moon falling down towards Earth.

If she needs firepower, then Tsubasa Kazanari and Chris Yukine will join the flight too!

Anyway, they destroyed the chunk with ease. But of course, they will not come back!

But hey, at least Miku can see the meteor shower… all alone!

Yeah, Miku never see Hibiki again as she became a goddess towards the vast space in the universe!

In any case, that’s the end of Symphogear and it’s sad that this show ends in a downer note!

Although Symphogear might not make a dent towards Madoka Magica because of quality issues, not to mention the insert songs which both Aoi Yuuki and Ayahi Takagaki are having trouble singing it out, at least it’s a decent show when it comes to action and character development.

Anyways, this anime ends here where mankind survives!

But the battle continues to the point that there is no one will save mankind…

Uh, I think I’ve changed my mind on this as they returned miraculously enough!

See, Hibiki has come home to see her friend Miku, which she’s crying with joy!

Although it’s a miracle that they’re alive, this is the end of this series unfortunately since there will never be another season of Symphogear.

So yeah, let’s enjoy Hibiki Tachibana’s reunion with her friend Miku Kohinata…

…and see the meteor showers together! Damn, I’m glad that this show is over even though I cried a bit on the ending.

Oh and if you’re living in Japan, please check out their concert if you’re interested!

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1 Response to Symphogear Episode #13


    alright then yea i guess all is ok yea we get happy ending.

    everyone is wow cause hibiki, tsubasa, & chris are back with power-up super mode.
    oh they also develop mind saying so fine release the noises of kraken army.
    cue chris riding the infinite justice jetpack blasting, tsubasa’s bigger sword, & hibiki punch beam.
    equal squash all the noise but fine gut slash self to combine all noise & sword.
    to a giant red viper that blast a city.
    now triple team attack with distract to give hibiki the sword even pushing by chris’ gun.
    sword grab & with everyone support the viper been slayed by synchogazer slash!!!
    after fight hibiki carrying & trying reason fine then here come last boss.
    aka fine just pulled the moon piece to fall onm earth.
    yea after some fine saying just one soft tap punch by hibiki on fine give some wake-up saying.
    ryoko within fine came back with little finger touch & believe in the song of your heart.
    so now hibiki flying to stop moon piece with tsubasa & chris to join as well.
    cue bigger sword, endless missile, & hibiki launching boom moon piece & miku crying.
    fast forward back to crying miku on hibiki’s grave hear trouble & oh remains of noise.
    look like oh no but surprise they’re back & ok yes miku you can leap jump grab hibiki now.
    finally hibiki & miku get their meteor watching shower indeed THE END.

    well now it all done give indeed this what we get combine madoka, nanoha, singing, chris the human gundam, xenosaga, genjuro-akuma, etc & yes yuri lesbian on it overall ok then now is ok all worth some watching now let wonder a dub version on it?

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