A Channel +smile Episode #01

It’s great to have A Channel back in action with a 2-episode OVA Series!

Uh, I think Kitou-sensei is not fit to teach today due to a broken ring finger…

Anyway, the four girl are here for a taste of this shop’s pancakes! And not just any pancakes…

…but a mountain-size pancake, courtesy of Tooru’s friend Miho!

And the taste? Well, Tooru likes it very much… even though she has this “Derp!” face.

By the way, Yutaka is here for Tooru as always, but Tooru just ignore her as usual!

Man, will she ever give Tooru a break since Tooru is hanging out with her senior friends?

But don’t worry, Miho finished up her part-time job just in time to drag Yutaka away. Good job!

Anyway, there will be another episode on A Channel +smile. I’m on the lookout for Episode 2!

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2 Responses to A Channel +smile Episode #01

  1. Anise_Punter says:

    I did not like that Studio Gokumi put an insert song in every episode. I prefer these types of shows when they’re more “comedy” as opposed to “gaggle of girls who have fun together and sometimes are funny”. In this show Run was really the only funny one (loving the Runface in image 5). Tooru always seemed to suck the fun out of everything. Yuuko and Nagi didn’t seem to add much. Yutaka needed to get hit with a broom.

    I did like the teacher breaking her hand skit, that was funny.

    • benigmatica says:

      Indeed… But anyways, that’s their style of adapting A Channel.

      Still, I’ll be looking forward for Saki: Achiga-hen. I hope Studio Gokumi will not choke on that show!

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