Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead Episode #01

Ah, it’s great to be back when Ayumu and his three beautiful free-loaders returns this Spring!

Despite with the “of the Dead Episode” moniker, it’s not relate to “Highschool of the Dead” just because Ayumu is a zombie.

And in addition, he’s also a Masou Shoujo. Don’t ask any more!

Since KoreZom is back in action, how about a delusion Eu-chan voiced by the “eternal 17” Kikuko Inoue!

I wonder what’s next? Megumi Hayashibara, Megumi Ogata, Aya Hisakawa, or maybe Yukari Tamura?

Other than the three freeloaders, we have Tomonori…

…rejecting Orito’s advances on her. Yup, she’s definitely Ayumu’s wife!

Also on this new season, we have a new character who is a bottle fairy.

I don’t know her name yet but I bet she’s an adult despite her young appearance!

But anyway, let’s go to the daily routine…

…of Megalo-slaying! Unlike the first episode of the first season, this battle takes place in broad daylight.

But don’t worry, Haruna will save the day…

…as a Masou Shoujo that has her back exposed!? Ugh, I think she’ll take a seat for now!

Just let Ayumu become a Masou Shoujo and perform a Mystletainn Kick… in broad daylight with all the students present!

Nah, let’s erase their memories before Ayumu…

…is in ruins!? Uh oh!

He not only broke Mystletainn but Ayumu is embarrassed now that he’s naked and he’s a Masou Shoujo.

What a double whammy failure!

On the other hand, it seems that Seras is interested on Ayumu’s… shiny ass!

I think I’ll die in laughter… yet I’ll survive!

So anyway, I think KoreZom of the Dead will have more surprises awaiting for future episodes!

Man, I think Ayumu is crying right now… Also, we got two Eu-chan at the end of this episode!

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  1. Gelotaku says:

    Poor Ayumu, he can never seem to catch a break, lawl. (l v l);

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