A Channel +smile Episode #02

Looks like Yuuko has a fever on this episode… I hope someone will take care of her!

Unfortunately, nobody will take care of Yuuko-chan, especially her sister Keiko-chan (or Keiko-han in Kansai)!

BTW, Keiko-chan is voiced by Yuka Iguchi testing out her Kansai Dialect in A Channel!

Anyway, looks like it’s a job for Yuuko’s friends to cure her fever! Let’s start by…

…stripping her garments away and wipe off her sweat. Too bad that they didn’t go further… Dang!

Oh, and we forgot about feeding Yuuko with Tooru’s special-made rice porridge!

Of course, I’m thinking that Yuuko is being spoon-raep by Tooru… Almost every time!

So anyway, that’s it for A Channel +smile OVA Series. And since this episode ends with a new year, I hope that Tooru can still be friends with Run-chan, Yuuko, and Nagi!

Oh, and don’t forget to chug some sweet sake!

BTW, Studio Gokumi will do “Saki: Achiga-hen episode of side-A” which includes Aoi Yuuki and Yumi Uchiyama in the casting lineup. Better watch that show too if you like epic Mahjong battles!

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