Nazo no Kanojo X Episode #01

ARRRGGGHHHH!!! Why licking someone’s drool is so nasty and sexy at the same time!?

Anyway, this is the first episode of Nazo no Kanojo X. As you can see, Akira Tsubaki has a girlfriend named Mikoto Urabe who always gets his daily dose of her sweet saliva! If he doesn’t get his daily dose, Akira will have a withdrawal and faint.

Still, this is just the “taste” of what’s in store for this anime. Just don’t let this anime put some NTR or harem elements. I think this story about a budding relationship between a boy and a strange girl is good enough!

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2 Responses to Nazo no Kanojo X Episode #01


    now tell me those people came up with this?

    yea after seeing those pics of girlfriend no way i watching due whole saliva/drool issues yea i got standare too ya know.

    only way i might re-think if either dub it or less of that saliva stuff.

  2. FailDRE86 says:

    The manga never really had any harem elements but other girls would come and go with the arcs.

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