Mirai Nikki Episode #25

Time to save the future instead of being angsty again, Yukkii! But unfortunately…

Yuno trapped you into her world where she didn’t exist! Dammit, You making him feel like Yukkii just came from a dream!

Meanwhile, Murmur punk’d Minene with her “Raging Demon” aura! Man, I’ll never look Murmur the same way again…

And as for Minene, so much for changing the world like calling Keigo so that his son can be saved. And also, you should have kill Tsubaki’s uncle since he’s planning to kill her parents and make Tsubaki do lewd things!

But anyway, it seems that Yuno earns this victory by a large margin…

No comebacks from Minene… There’s no denying that no hope will emerge to stop Second!

All she needs now is to kill Yuno from the third world… on the next episode!


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2 Responses to Mirai Nikki Episode #25


    well well look indeed after all this yea wonder what will happen next?

    yea yuno looking half moon goes red blood then back to regular now wonder to do.
    give murmur now let go after both yuki & 9th with yuno bit confuse right now.
    then ambulance arrive oh 3rd world yuno’s dad notice something different about yuno.
    cue yuno stab 3rd’s world yuno’s dad & murmur don’t change history.
    9th going you got be kidding cause yuki want save both yunos so drop them at school.
    yuki carry 3rd yuno & hid her cue yuno & murmur attacks on yuki.
    while 9th make call about a kid heart to “someone” notice the attack.
    yuki dodge all murmur attacks & balloons bombs give got hit by debris.
    yuno notice yuki got hurt & more confuse what to do.
    yuki see yuno & murmur go charge give dodge the ball then knife but still ok give it was thrown.
    yuki grab yuno & 9th battle with murmur all high flying fighting horn blasting etc.
    yuno notice it all mine cue big ball drop on yuki with yuno all laughing.
    meanwhile 3rd world cop Kurusu talking with a female about missing daughter.
    then got a “call” about his son heart then hear news of boom grab a “rookie” to check.
    oh random cameo of all other 3rd world dairy owners notice the booms.
    yuki see his parents together, jacket, darts, birds, etc.
    cause yuki is yuno’s ball of desire of all thing yuki want but no yuno & can’t say yuno.
    yuno saying some things that bother her & love yuki but don’t want go back 2nd world.
    cue there only can be one rule it all & etc saying.
    oh it’s female who lookalike yuki’s mom who want to “do it” with yuki.
    yuki panic cue yuno lock the ball of yuki of his desire so yuno can get 3rd yuki.
    yuno & 9th have some saying 9th to charge & cue UNLEASH THE MURMUR.
    yes a wild murmur appear got fully hulk smash on 9th.
    meanwhile yuki being tempt by world of his desire mention a dream to his parents.
    about survival game & a “strange girl” & a crying tear coming down.
    9th all beaten up being hold by yuno with wild red eyes murmur then drop the 9th & now see her 3rd world version.

    oh murmur extra
    yea panic seeing about yuno & 3rd world yuno’s dad so murmur doing make yuno small but shrank yuno that strike one.
    try again but strike two make a yuno a baby.
    3rd time well let say make yuno get “flat” & cue murmur head smash wall strike-out.

    indeed with all just happen how will all wrap-up?

  2. Zammael says:

    My powers of prediction no longer work at this point. I called the Yuno as time traveler but since then, the twists/turns keep coming faster and more furious. Ay Caramba!

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