Medaka Box Episode #02

Wearing a jersey under your uniform… LIKE A BOSS!

Then again, Zenkichi is more like an assistant to Medaka than a boss!

Anyway, this second year student named Ariake is having a threat problem after she was selected as a starter to the track and field team!

Although Ariake is lucky to be a starter, but wrecking her favorite cleats and making her quit is unforgivable!

And that’s how Medaka finds the culprit quickly in the form of Isahaya-sempai, without any evidence.

Obviously, Isahaya will deny her crime without any evidence on hand…

Then again, President Medaka will do anything to save the culprit. See, even running against a sprinter is nothing for Medaka!

In the end, Medaka saves Isahaya-sempai…

…which follows up Isahaya’s redemption to Ariake with a pair of new cleats and a “Sorry” note.

I guess this is the end of this episode right?

Not quite… This episode has another story where Zenkichi (with Shiranui tagging along) is tasked to pacify a pet dog and return to its owner.

Of course, he’s not dealing an ordinary pet…

Rather, Zenkichi is facing a pet Russian wolfhound that can tear flesh when he gets near at it!

Oh and BTW, having sausages at your hand…

is a sign that you’re closer to death Zenkichi!

And as for you Shiranui, you’re not helping him at all!

So what will Zenkichi do now that he’s getting torn to shreds by a wolfhound? Hah, I know!

How about letting Medaka finish up the deed! Although she claims that she’s not good with animals.

But who cares, Medaka can handle that wolfhound with her skimpy puppy suit…

…and an aura that is menacing to any animals including bears and wolves!? Oh shit!!!

And so the Russian wolfhound got scared of Medaka and ran away to Zenkichi and Shiranui’s back. So much for Medaka’s sexy suit!

But hey, at least wolfhound is back to its owner. Now if only Medaka can use her godlike personality to gather all animals and put it to Noah’s Ark… Oh wait, no other animals would dare to get closer to Medaka!

Anyway, that’s the end of this case folks!

And as for Medaka, I think she’s sobered up that she can’t have any animals to hug her… But hey, at least Medaka has Zenkichi around!

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