Mirai Nikki Episode #26

This is inevitable… Yuno will win the game and it’s back to square one!

But what’s this? Yuno’s parents are shielding the third Yuno!

Who cares, they’ll die anyway…

Meanwhile, Murmur is experiencing some changes in the third world! Man, you should have made a ruckus at Sakurami High School…

Anyway, what are the changes?

Let’s see, Tsubaki finds out that her uncle plans to kill her parents and take over the cult. I wonder who thwarted his plans?

Minene perhaps? Maybe… Oh, and she’s alive!

But hey, at least Tsubaki is safe and so was Reisuke’s parents. (Yep, Reisuke is now a cheerful child)

There’s also a time where the blind hero of justice arrested Yukkii’s teacher… Wow, he actually becomes a badass hero this time around!

And finally, the Mayor decided to call off the survival game since he’s already received a message WAY BEFORE it started!

Wow, so many changes that it’s no longer Mirai Nikki in the third world.

And now Yukkii, why don’t you get out of your dream and seal the deal!

There you go! You not only stop Yukkii, but you bring another Murmur on your side? WHAT… THE… HELL!

Fortunately, this second Murmur is not a bastard as the first Murmur. But anyway, let’s make Yukkii and god and save the world!

Of course, he doesn’t have to kill Yuno since she already stab herself… Wow, what an hero!

But hey, since you decided to throw away First Murmur’s plans for Yukkii… I’ll forgive you this time!

Till then in the afterlife, Yuno Gasai! Good thing she didn’t win the survival game!

And as for you, First Murmur… You lost the game!

And now, the second Murmur crowns Yukiteru Amano as the winner of the survival game and become the god of the second world!

Of course, it’s pretty much lonely without Yuno around… But hey, at least you got Murmur on your side, yet it’s not enough!

Anyway, that’s the end of Mirai Nikki! (implying that Asread cut the ending on purpose, or they just saving it for DVD) Yukiteru Amano becomes the god, all the players from the survival game have happy endings, and the world is saved… Marco and Ai are happily married and they’re expecting a child soon, John Balks decided to date Kamado Ueshita.

And as for Yukiteru, Yuno, Tsubaki, Keigo, Reisuke, Karyuudo… They have a happy life with their respective families, which is good for them!

And while “Mr. Hero” Yomotsu loathes his victory while former teacher Takao is in prison, the third world Minene is still a terrorist…

But hey, the second Minene married to Nishijima and having his kids is very surprising! Although I having some thoughts on that “floating baby”… Dammit Asread, are you having QUALITY problems again!?

Despite of that, it seems that Asread did a great job of adapting Mirai Nikki. Of course, there is another adaption of Mirai Nikki coming up… Just hoping that the live-action drama aired in Fuji TV is decent since they changed the character names from the original.

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1 Response to Mirai Nikki Episode #26


    finally after this yea so much all things indeed most of is still ONORE DECADE yet things sorta end mix-ok of hmm?

    yuki still in ball dream world gonig watch star with parents
    murmur trying keep it all quite heal 3rd world yuno”s dad & tell yuno get rid of her 3rd version.
    yuno looking at 3rd version of self then see she awake then tell harsh future of what could be.
    then 3rd yuno said you’re wrong give her parents issues one day still care.
    yuno more bit confuse about she said then something happening from the dream ball.
    where yuki said he can’t go cause of something.
    meanwhile cops arrive see damage notice someone with 3rd yuno’s mom see husband.
    murmur all panic tell yuno do it cause random changes.
    9th all hurt see 3rd Nishijima wonder have he seen her.
    more cameo of 3rd world’s 6th & etc notice bomb & stop the evil person, 5th all nappy with parents together, mask 12th caught 3rd, 10th & hinata all together with dogs, big 8th get call to meet mayor 11th, 7th called to check back to nap, & mayor 11th cancel it cause he saw future being “bye-bye” with telling deus yea new idea to work.
    murmur more panic to do yet yuno want yuki.
    go stab but her 3rd world’s dad to save block.
    yuki said he got something do cause for that “female”.
    then yuno see her 3rd world parents together worry on 3rd yuno.
    while dream world yuki’s parents understand yuki must do.
    then after dream world parents saying with go with heart leads.
    yuno going what to do go charge 3rd world then yuki scream yuno!!!
    3rd world cop shoot then yuki shout YUNO!!! to unleash 2nd murmur?!
    to block bullet & save catch yuno.
    yea murmur going what is 2nd world murmur who murmur lock-up in ball dream.
    so grab & reveal no.1 on bandage on murmur-1.
    now all look safe & well then give one more thing to do yuno stab herself to stay.
    & get kiss of yuki cause of that game set yuki & murmur 2 return to their world.
    give 2nd world is safe still damage give yuki bit sad.

    some time later in 3rd world
    9th now stuck in 3rd world see world self on the loose now with Nishijima & have kids also fly!!!
    random cameos 4th cop calling Nishijima with his kid all ok, 12th visit jailed 3rd, 7th got “bun oven”, happy 5th, 6th napping with parents put blanket she all happy happy, big 8th & mayor 11th on a date?! , staredown with kosuda & dog with hinata, mao, akise, & 10th, deus & murmur-3 see all hmm from other world is gone.
    3rd yuno showing phone with pic family all good.
    then see 3rd yuki with parents all together with female look like yuki’s mom.
    oh her phone now got murmur-1 on it.

    back in world 2
    yuki all wonder how 3rd world with murmur 2 all bored for 10000 years with long & look at phone.
    then some wonder saying then show phone “new message” & light is shown?!

    “next project starting!”

    ok now yea after watching is all yea whole series indeed very so hmm-hmm must see dub version of it & yet it “next project” hmm i wonder could be something either continue, spin-off, etc (give live action on the way).

    overall yea all this indeed so much ONORE DECADE for this yet worth a watch.

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