Aquarion EVOL Episode #16

Well, you can’t fight fate and the yada-yada stuff! Just go on and date Kagura, Mikono… *facepalm*

Of course, can anyone other than Mikono still has a last chance to fight fate?

Meanwhile, Neo-DEAVA is conducting a mock battle between Cayenne’s team (sorry for not having Shrade, Sazanka) and Amata’s team!

Oh, and they’re not in their simulators this time…

…it’s real-time mock battle between Gepard and Evol!

Since after their training from hell six-feet under, it looks like the Elements have gained new powers and improve existing ones.

For example, combining Malloy’s curse of turning objects into dust and Cayenne’s future predictions…

…would make Aquarion Evol a sitting duck with nowhere to run and hide. And one hit from Malloy’s cursed bullets would turn into nothingness!

Oh, and don’t forget their resident “fujoshi” Sazanka. She can literary rot anything she can think of!

I guess it’s bye bye Evol…

…’cause it’s time to face a Macross Missile Massacre! Thank you, Mr. Itano.

Um, there’s no time to confess Amata…

…and tell the whole world that you love him, Zessica! You have to dodge some missiles, missy!

Of course Amata dodged it all but it seems that Zessica finally said it!

Hell, every single one of them from Neo-DEAVA already heard her confession. Even Sazanka loves it!

Oh look, and then Aquarion Evol started to move by itself, grew heart wings, and do a Infinity Punch…

…to see a flashback 12,000 years ago! Yeah, don’t believe on what you saw on that “Wings of Aquaria” movie, this is the real deal!

Man, Genesis of Aquarion is sure is aged well after 7 years… Heck, even the original theme song is back too!

I miss Apollo and Sylvia… Aquarion is LOVE! I hope Shoji Kawamori can remaster it in HD and fix that infamous QUALITY episode.

Still, Amata’s team and Aquarion Evol won the mock battle by a single punch… and destroy the whole Neo-DEAVA island!

Well, what’s the lesson here… You shouldn’t make a confession in the middle of a battle. And yet, Zessica paid the price for it!

Good thing Zessica was not taken away by Myka-gay.

Oh yeah, and as for Amata… He has to think of whether he could screw fate and be with Mikono or join the losers’ club and be with Zessica.

There is some time, even there is an obligatory beach episode next week. And one more thing, please keep your arms attached Amata-kun!

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