2011… The end of the Season!

With the conclusion of Mirai Nikki comes the ending of the 2011 Anime Season! Sure I could include GOSICK on the list, but let’s wait and see if GOSICK is on the list! Of course, it’s most likely out of contention when the big guns from Spring came here to beat the hell out of Victorique!

Anyway, let’s present the awards for the 2011 Anime Season!

Thanks to Danbooru for the pictures, along with the respective artists.

1. Best Spring Anime in 2011…

A good BONES detective mystery show… started slow from the first half, and then blossomed out on the second with everything going full circle. Although there are some flaws that are not serious or anything that is bad, at least the anime series kept its calm and answered most of the mysteries surrounding Victorique and her screwed-up family.

But hey, GOSICK is better over the likes of Nichijou, HanaIro, and other countless Spring shows. Don’t worry, I don’t hate them.

2. Best Summer Anime in 2011…
– Yuruyuri

It’s a yuri show… trying to do yuri stuff for laughs! From Chitose shipping and losing pints of blood, to Akarin being demoted to extra every single time.

Once more, they’ll do more in 2012! Now I hope that Akarin’s sister would make an appearance…

3. Best Fall Anime in 2011…
– Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

There are many things that I like on this show. Sena “NIKU” Kashiwazaki and her love for Kobato-chan, Yozora Mikazuki acting like a douche to Maria and “NIKU” Sena, and making friends… Well, they’re just lonely so they huddled up together and becoming friends.

Yup, this is definitely my favorite show… Although I like C³, but I have to pick one which is hard for me!

4. Best Winter Anime in 2011…
– Ano Natsu de Matteru

Yup, this show is a trip down memory lane 10 years ago… Although it is similar to Onegai Teacher! without any cameo appearances, this one is different that it can stand itself alone as a separate anime series.

Still, I do enjoy Kaito’s interaction with Ichika plus Lemon-sempai’s intrusion. Not to mention those “Dynamite Drinks” and becoming the chief of the MiB.

Although this show is my pick for Winter, I have some other shows that I like such as Symphogear, Daily Lives of High School Boys, Kill Me Baby, and Amagami SS+. But like the Fall Quarter, I have to pick one show.

5. Most overrated anime in 2011…
– Ano Hana

Could it be that the show became popular thanks to Menma and/or Anaru’s popularity, or maybe the story itself that is tear-jearking and engaging?

But I do know this… “I still don’t Know why Ano Hana becomes so popular on that day it aired on noitamina”. Thanks to either one of those traits (or both), it rises up as the most popular series to date. (and still can’t get enough out of Ano Hana)

6. Most overlooked anime in 2011…
– Tamayura ~Hitotose~

If you want to see Ayana Taketatsu, Kana Asumi, and Yuka Iguchi (with another girl whose name I can’t remember) doing cute things and traveling across Takehara Island, this is the anime where it calms you down and makes you go “ga-ga!” on the four girls.

And the good news… They’ll have another season!

7. Most disappointing anime series in 2011…

What can I say… It all goes downhill at Episode 6 all the way until the cliffhanger ending! And what’s worse, I have to fuckin’ watch the movie so I could see the real conclusion! Of course, the ending on the upcoming movie would be pretty much a downer…

8. The anime series that I didn’t watch in 2011…
– DOG DAYS and Mawaru Penguindrum

If it wasn’t for Koyasu and his shitty pet project, I would watch those shows without worries. Although he has some roles on both Mirai Nikki and Highschool DxD, I hate him and the fact that Koyasu has a relationship with Yui Horie is downright “forbidden” in my eyes!

9. Best overall anime series in 2011…
– Mirai Nikki

From start to finish, this is where Asread redeemed themselves to adapt on of the most sought-after manga series, and turned into the most engaging and the most serious anime in 2011 that is Mirai Nikki.

Although there are a few flaws on the production (“floating baby”, anyone?), at least they cramped and smoothed up all the chapters into a 26-episode anime. Still, if only Asread could get rid of that “Next Project!” announcement and extend the ending a bit more in the last DVD release…

Anyway, with all shits and giggles from the last season, I say farewell to 2011! Of course, there’s the 2012 Season already in session!

Oh, and I can’t wait to see you again in Summer, Yuruyuri!

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