Medaka Box Episode #03

Zenkichi is tough and he can break some sweat on any martial arts he can encounter. No wonder Zenkichi is the “club crasher” other than being the vice-president.

Oh, and Zenkichi is getting more rep too when he gives former presidential candidate Kanoya the finger and broken bones for planning to destroy Medaka and her reputation.

Of course, Medaka doesn’t care ’bout that. She can kick their ass and make friendship afterwards!

So anyway, Medaka decides to visit the judo club…

…for this guy named Kouki Akune.

Although her real mission at the judo club is to help Captain Nekomi Nabeshima on finding a successor, it seems that Kouki will most likely to become the next captain.

Then again, Kouki wants Medaka-chan so badly that he has regrets on joining the judo club instead of the student council, which pisses Zenkichi off!

And BTW, Daisuke Namikawa’s role on this anime is a trash… but not much!

Speaking of Zenkichi’s anger towards Kouki, they started their grudge since middle school.

Oh, and that guy with black hair? That’s Zenkichi before he dyed half of his hair blonde!

But of course if they want to settle their grudge, why don’t they just settle it in the judo ring! The loser will join the judo club while the winner will join the student council. Simple as having cat ears on your head!

So anyway, we’ll have a judo fight between Kouki Akune and Zenkichi Hitoyoshi next week!

And while Zenkichi supposed to crash the judo club, it seems that Medaka finally “crash” Nabeshima’s club.

Even in battle, Medaka pummels everyone head-on without fear nor weakness! (And panty shots too!)

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