Mouretsu Pirates Episode #15

Oh shit, get your towels ready
It’s about to go down
Everybody in the place hit the fucking deck
But stay on your motherfucking toes
We running this, let’s go

Technically the Bentenmaru is a spaceship and it doesn’t have a open-deck, but who cares since they’re ready to do some piracy!

Of course, the girls need some assistance from these vets… You know, Hyakume, Misa, Kane, and the rest!

BTW, I’ve injected some Lonely Island shout-out on this post… since they’re on a boat ship!

And also, sorry for the late post since I’m still recovering from diarrhea… But I’m okay now!

Yup, I think they need some assistance! You know that they’ll be in trouble before they become serious on their pirating business.

And so the vets will do the best they can to help Captain Marika and her Yacht Club mates, like making a manual for newbies!

Meanwhile, the girls are taking a break with foods straight from the Lemon House.

Yup, even Chiaki-chan’s favorite chocolate parfait is included too!

So anyway, take your time on eating while figuring out how to start the ship!

Oh wait, it seems that there’s no need to figure it out since they finally got those manuals. Good job, Misa and company!

And so everything is all set, the girls are ready to set sail on their pirate adventure!

Yup, so far so good for Captain Marika and the Yacht Club… The Bentenmaru is in one-piece and everything is all green!

Now one thing is missing… is for Captain Marika to head to their target! But I wonder what will wear for next episode since Mami is doing part-time work right now.

Nah, they’ll make something that is worthy of being a pirate! (and not getting hurt too)

On the other hand, the vets will stay for another week or two. Man, just how severe is the cat-monkey virus they caught on?

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