Acchi Kocchi Episode #03

Say, let’s do something to warm ourselves up! How about we play outdoors, that would be fun on a snowy day!

And look, Tsumiki is so strong that she can push big snowballs like a cardboard box!

Of course, she has to work on her aim… Poor Sakaki!

Anyway, let’s try to play Snow Ball! Of course, both Mayoi and Sakaki are cheating their way to victory.

See, they’re raining down snow on the hapless trio… Boo hoo!

But hey, if they wanna fight dirty, they will fight dirty…

…if only Hime didn’t accidentally throw both snowballs on both Io-san and Sakaki.

Well, I guess both Mayoi and Tsumiki are left in the competition!

Oh, and BTW… If you know what Street Fighter move she’s emulating, please let me know.

But anyway, Tsumiki is sure knows how to punch…

…and spray Mayoi with snowballs like a shotgun! Man, I wonder if Tsumiki was trained by Gouken…

Anyway, she won the snowball fight as the last player standing… As expected by an ace!

Now that the fight is over, let’s do something that is hot and awesome…

Cooking, the elegance and feisty attitude collide at the kitchen! Oh, and these two girls and a guy? They’re on Io-san’s team!

But obviously, Io-san is the ace when it comes to cooking and other things that he could do it by himself. Yup, he’s definitely like Takumi Usui!

And so was Tsumiki too. She’s cutting onions with her muscle memory while looking at Io-san in awe!

Anyway, that would be it for this week’s Acchi Kocchi. Please enjoy Io-san’s latest creation as he gives its final touches!

Of course, Tsumiki wants to eat Io’s lovely dish badly… So instead, she bites his head off.

Now everyone, prepare your tissues for possible nutbladder bleeding or else we “HHNNGGG’d” in front of the screen!

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