Nazo no Kanojo X Episode #03

Man, I feel so jelly when two people kissing each other without anyone looking…

Of course, Tsubaki saw that on accident! So anyway, just keep it a secret to your friend, okay?

Meanwhile, Urabe has to deal with Ogata-kun and his confession. But then again, she rejects him because he doesn’t have any feelings when he tastes Urabe’s sweet drool.

And gee, this episode is sure is breezy… I wonder if Urabe is not wearing panties today?

Then again, she’s not wearing anything under her skirt.

And here’s your proof that Urabe is not wearing pantsu today. God, I think Tsubaki is having a nosebleed when seeing Urabe’s white panties!

Anyway, I wonder what will be time where both Tsubaki and Urabe are officially a couple? You know, from kisses to having sex every time! Man, I have to find out next episode!

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