Saki: Achiga-hen Episode #03

Well then, it seems that Achiga will aim for the Nationals and face Kiyosumi High! But first…

…they’ll have to beat the likes of Bansei. But will this battle be a pain in the arse for Achiga?

Well, not really… It’s more of a cakewalk than a struggle!

I guess both the manga and the anime thinks that the prefectural tournament is uninteresting to read/watch in Achiga-hen.

But anyways, Achiga Girls’ Academy have reached into the nationals without a sweat!

Of course, their preparations for the nationals is not enough…

…so they’re here for a practice match against Ryuumonbuchi. Yes, this includes that Koromo!

And the results… Not surprising considering that Koromo’s power is halved when she’s not in full moon, but still can kick the curb out of anyone who faces THE Koromo!

Yup, no wonder that Shizuno’s eyes are blank when she loses to THE Koromo…

But anyway, time for the nationals next week! And while they’ll have to face Teru’s Shiraitodai High and Senriyama Girls’ Academy as featured in this pic…

…they would meet Saki Miyanaga and Kiyosumi High. And man, her aura is stronger and colder too!

I wonder if Saki’s personality change has to do with her loss against Teru (as seen in the final episode of Saki), but she’s fuckin’ scary now and she’s gonna tanoshii’d us without remorse!

Still, if Saki: Achiga-hen ends at the end of June… I hope someone (like Gonzo or AIC) would make another season of Saki. I’m dying to see the nationals and Saki doing those “Rinshan Kaihou” techniques on hapless players!

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